It’s a new year and a new decade. Those ladies that finished 2019 and the last decade by getting engaged will have a busy 2020 planning their wedding. But before the wedding comes the hen party, and that’s where Strawberry Hen comes into play.

We, at Strawberry Hen, are a group of event organisers that specialise in hen parties. From the best companies to work with to the best activities to choose, we cover every part of the hen planning. With over a decade of experience you’re in safe hands! You’ll find us online at, a website full of hen party packages, ideas, games, themes, activities, and other general tips and tricks.

But for this piece we’re here to tell you our top tips for planning a hen party in 2020. The most important things to consider when are the location, accommodation, an activity that suits everyone attending, budgeting and collecting money from everyone and, above all else, making the bride-to-be feel special. So let’s get into detail on how to deal with those areas.

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Choosing the Right Location

You should choose the location based on the type of person the bride-to-be is. Is she a city lover? Is she a beach lover? Does she want to go abroad? All these questions come into play when choosing a hen party location.

If the bride-to-be has asked or given hints towards a big city hen then it’s definitely best to avoid looking for small towns or villages. If she’s interested in a hen party abroad then this is an option you should definitely consider.

Often the bride-to-be is kept in the dark when it comes to the hen planning, which can make the decision difficult, but trust your gut. You know her well enough to be in a position of planning the hen party, so that makes you perfectly capable of making the right decision.

Finding Perfect Accommodation

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to accommodation. From self-catering hen houses and apartments to swanky hotel rooms, wild and scenic glamping huts, and even dorms or hostels. From experience, the most popular hen party accommodation options are hen houses and hotels, and both are fantastic for their own reasons.

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Hen houses are perfect for the self-catering hens who want to do everything their own way! From being the ultimate relaxation experience, as well as cheaper on the budget front, to the little things like being in control of your own music, drinks, games and more, hen houses are a fantastic idea. But, self-catering isn’t for everyone as it can put a lot of pressure on the hen planner to get everything right. Will there be enough games to play? Will everyone have fun? There are so many variables.

Hotels are a great option too, especially for hens who want to hit the town in style and have an amazing night out. Having a nice, comfy hotel room to go back to when the antics are over with is simply bliss! Hotel rooms are often the more expensive option when pitted against hen houses, but at least they have a round-the-clock reception should your group experience any problems. There’s a bit of a safety net with hotel rooms that hen houses don’t offer.

Selecting An Activity

With so many hen party activities available to choose from, this is probably the easiest part to plan, but know your audience! What age range is the group? Are they the fun-loving, active, or relaxed type?

Things like Paintballing, Karting and Pole Dancing Classes are great activities for the younger, more active group. Afternoon Tea, Pamper Parties, Bottomless Brunch and CSI Save the Groom could be more suited towards a mixed age group. Other things to consider are: will the activity be too risqué for anyone attending, and will everyone be physically able to partake?

Collecting Money

Nowadays, collecting funds from each hen party guest couldn’t be easier. With bank transfers easier than ever, each guest could lodge their share of the price into the organiser’s bank account by a certain date. Likewise, if you plan your hen party with us then we have a group payment system that makes the process nice and simple. There are also many group payment apps available that everyone can download and have their funds collected all at once. The hassle of chasing people for money is no more!

Make the Bride-to-Be Feel Special

Finally, and most importantly, the hen do is for the bride-to-be, so you should make her feel as special as possible, and there are lots things the group could come together for.

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The easiest one is that each guest pays an equal share of the bride-to-be’s portion of the hen party price. Taking the financial side of her hen do away can make things so much easier for her. After all, she has a whole wedding to plan, and weddings aren’t cheap! Another idea is that everyone could bring a little hen party gift, but set a budget so nobody goes overboard. It’s a nice touch to make the bride-to-be feel extra special!

So ladies, these are our top tips when it comes to hen planning. If you’ve got a hen do to plan in the coming months, then don’t hesitate to head over to the Strawberry Hen website. We can help you plan the best possible hen party for you and your group.

Happy planning!

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