You are not ‘Billy no mates’. You have loads of friends and you want them all to come to your hen/stag weekend; that’s the sort of person you are. But how can you get them all to say yes?

It isn’t going to be easy, and there are four factors you are going to have to take into consideration – price, location, date and duration.

Yes, No, Maybe options


Being budget conscious is extremely important. Not everyone is cash rich, so picking a ridiculously expensive stag or hen weekend will turn a lot of people off.

Booking very early and getting people to pay monthly or when they have some spare cash is also a great idea. You know your friends better than anyone, so choose your budget wisely.


Some people in the group may not have a passport, so booking abroad may not be a great idea. Talk to members of the group and see what their reaction is if you mention a weekend abroad.

Having a stag or hen weekend in the UK will make it a lot easier for people to attend, especially if they decide to intercept a stag or hen do. What I mean by intercept is to dip in and out of the weekend, and I will explain more about this in the duration section. Choosing a destination is as equally important as setting the budget.


To get the perfect date booked you must always book early, as this gives everyone plenty of time to save the date. It’s as simple as that; even if you are not ready to confirm where you want to go, getting the date booked first with all your friends is really important. One year in advance is not a bad shout.


You may find that if you booked a two-night hen or stag do, some people may not be able to get away for two nights, so giving them a one night option is a great idea.

Allowing people to intercept or duck in and out of the weekend wherever possible will also make sure that all your friends will make your hen/stag do, and that is the secret. Show flexibility so people won’t be embarrassed to approach you and say “I can only do one night” or “Can I not do the Nude Life Drawing? I’m rubbish with a pencil!”

Don’t forget, if some of your mates can’t make your hen/stag weekend for genuine reasons, don’t worry. You tried your best, so give yourself a pat on the back.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Image from Pixabay