Not every girl wants to be confronted with a full-on nude man on her hen do. So if you are organising a hen party and fancy a little bit of nudity, without the full monty, then you should consider Butlers in the Buff.

Butlers in the Buff are hunky, fun, party butlers. You can book a butler (or two, or three) to come and join your hen party and provide some of the entertainment.

Butler in the Buff Making Cocktails

No Embarrassing Performances

The butlers wear nothing but a bottom-revealing apron, collar cuffs and a bow tie, meaning you can still enjoy a little bit of nudity but without the embarrassment of seeing, um, it all!

How about a handsome butler to help mix and serve your cocktails to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger… sounds good. Butlers in the Buff will get involved with whatever your plans are. He/they can serve you dinner or drinks, organise games, or just join the party – you will love having a butler!

Butlers in the Buff Afternoon Tea

I recently organised a Butler in the Buff for a hen party in Bournemouth, and he was amazing. A gentleman called Sebastian came to the house we were staying in and really got the party started. As we were a group of 24 ladies who didn’t all know each other, it was great to have a butler to get us all in the party spirit. Sebastian organised games and served our drinks (far too many drinks!).

Guess the Bum

Our Butler in the Buff was a surprise for our bride-to-be. To introduce her butler, rather than just bringing him into the room, we played a game ‘guess the bum’. We blindfolded her and made her feel some of the hen’s bums and see if she could guess whose bum it was. Then we stuck the Butler in the Buff into the line, and she got a bit of a shock! Of course, you don’t have to do it that way. There are more suggestions and also lots of games on the Butlers in the Buff website.

You don’t need a mansion to have your own personal party butler. Butlers in the Buff serve in private homes, hotel suites and even poolside or on the beach. Book your scantily clad server for your hen do and celebrate in style, without fear of shocking or embarrassing performances.

Butlers in the Buff cover the whole of the UK, so no matter where your hen party is, a butler can join your party. Remember to check your venue will allow a Butler in the Buff though, as you don’t want the disappointment of them turning him away.

I can promise you’ll have such fun if a Butler in the Buff comes to your hen party! Find out more on the Butlers in the Buff website

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