Whether you should book your hen or stag do through a professional company or do it yourself is a hard question for me to answer. There are pros and cons to almost everything you do, but I am not here to give you a lecture on life!

So let’s get started…

Booking Through a Professional Hen and Stag Do Company

The Pros

Let’s make no bones about this, booking through a hen/stag company should make life easier. They will book everything for you and will have contacts in good quality nightclubs, bars, activity sites and hotels. You will also have one number to call should you have questions and, more importantly, any issues.

Also, you may have weird and wonderful ideas of what you want to do, but is it logistically possible? Your stag/hen expert should be able to tell you that.

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They should also provide you with full instructions including directions, telephone numbers, what to wear, and other important information such as security bonds and rules and regulations.

Most hen and stag companies have a facility, whether it’s online or over the telephone, where party members can pay individually. If you are not the best with money, this is ideal, as all your party members will pay direct. Please note: this doesn’t mean you won’t have to chase people – you will. Party members will still need that personal contact from you to jeer them up to pay.

The Cons

First and foremost, you may save some money booking it all direct. However, most companies will get the accommodation and some of the activities cheaper, so should pass on this saving (watch out though, some don’t).

There are some very inexperienced hen and stag operators out there who don’t have systems in place should anything go wrong. With this in mind, make sure you check out their independent reviews (on a site such as Trustpilot) before booking. If they don’t have any independent reviews be cautious; after all, this is a one off weekend that must go to plan.

A hen and stag company may misinterpret your requirements or requests, so always check over your confirmations to make sure they have booked everything correctly.

Booking Everything Yourself

The Pros

If you are a complete control freak (and I mean that in the nicest of ways) you should always do it all yourself. You then have control over the hotel, activities, night time activities – basically, the whole shebang.

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Also, you may save money. We are not talking big bucks here, but if you are savvy and don’t mind putting lots of work in you can find a saving. Just don’t spend a fortune on telephone calls!

If you need to get into a venue or activity site and they are not particularly fussed about hen or stag parties, you may be able to slip under the radar. This is deemed as bad practise if your hen or stag tour operator lies about your celebration.

If you enjoy arranging weekends this will be right up your street, and could be a joy not a chore.

The Cons

Organising a hen/stag do can be a logistical nightmare, especially when you don’t have the knowledge on your chosen destination.

It can also be very time consuming. This is no joke; it could take you weeks to get it all sorted, especially when people/venues don’t call you back – highly frustrating.

Your telephone bill may cost you as must as the hen or stag do; remember you will be the one paying for that.

If you get to a venue or, worst still, a hotel and your group is not booked in then the buck stops with you. One tip is to always take a name or reference number when booking, as you then have something or someone to refer to.

Finally, it could end up costing you more. Stag/hen tour operators get good group rates, especially on hotels and clubs, so most will pass on the saving to you.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Images from Pixabay

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