You and your fiancĂ© may both have your own properties and will need to make a joint decision as to your future home. Maybe one of you will move in with the other. Or, you may have decided to start completely afresh with either renting or buying a marital home – with no baggage from the past!

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Priorities and Practicalities

You will have to weigh up your priorities and the practicalities of your options before deciding where you will live after you marry.

Will one of you change jobs or will it be possible to work from home and not go into the office every day? Sometimes, newlyweds need to move to a new area for better job prospects. It is therefore important you talk to your partner about the possibility of such a move, if necessary.

It could be that your partner wants to be close to his/her family, particularly if there are ageing parents or other family members who may be unwell. And, if you are thinking of starting a family, you may need to consider the type and location of schools.

These are all important topics that require discussion and agreement after taking into account all the factors, both for and against. It’s a matter of what is the most sensible thing for you both. You then might need to decide whether you want to live next door to your fiancĂ©es parents, or even your own.

Of course, your first home after marriage may not be the house of your dreams, but it is the first step in that direction.

Quick Tips:

  • Your future home is an essential conversation topic for before the wedding day.
  • Find out if either of you want to live abroad at some time in the future.
  • Think ‘home’ and ‘work’. Who is going to be nearer, and will locations mean changing, with a different job?
  • Parents, on either side, could just pop in if they are living nearby. This is something which you might be happy with, but if not, think about such a possible eventuality.
  • How much can you both afford out of your take-home salaries to pay for rent or a mortgage, still leaving you enough disposable income?

Guest post by Carole Spiers, Love and Relationship Expert

Image from Pixabay

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