When you step back and you look at your life as a whole, you will see that there are far more things to appreciate and be happy about than there aren’t. So, try not to take yourself or everything too seriously. You got engaged to a human, as did your fiancé; so don’t turn into an automaton that doesn’t know how to laugh or switch off.

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It’s very easy to do, but try hard not to become the detail obsessed, wedding magazine carrying robot that is too preoccupied with planning. Don’t cause your fiancé to look at you and wonder what happened to the fun woman he proposed to. The girl who’d sit and watch football and drink a beer. And guys, don’t get so stressed out about the wedding – the new responsibilities and the details – that your fiancée questions where the spontaneous man with the wicked sense of humour has gone.

Getting married should be a time of pleasure, fun, and excitement. Enjoy all the moments, both big and small, that come before your wedding, and do your best to keep things in perspective.

We all know that little problems can become major ones overnight. So, try and maintain a sense of peace, and don’t lose who you are amidst all the planning.

Even though your upcoming wedding is at the forefront of your minds, it doesn’t mean the only conversations you two should have should be ‘wedding talk’. Give yourselves a break and get back to being two people sharing their lives and the fun that comes with it, together. Trust me, the more you keep your wedding in the proper perspective, which is that it’s only one day, and the marriage is for a lifetime, the better off you both will be.

Quick Tips:

  • Learn the value of relaxation and do whatever it takes to recharge your batteries. Do something you both enjoy and spend quality time together. Also, indulge in something you enjoy doing without your partner and get some quality alone time.
  • Don’t forget to laugh and have silly, childish moments; it’s amazing what a good belly laugh can do for the soul.
  • Go to a see a funny film and share laughter and humour. Remember, happiness and light heartedness help to stave off stress. Exercise your smile muscles, and take it easy.

Guest post by Carole Spiers, Love and Relationship Expert

Image from Pixabay

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