The Caribbean is an idyllic place to spend your honeymoon. Brimming with untouched beaches and luxury hotels, you can’t go wrong with a trip to this enchanting destination. If, like us, you automatically dream of sipping cocktails and looking out onto the blue waters every time a Caribbean island is mentioned, then you already know this is the honeymoon destination for you. But we also know that choosing from the 13 island nations that make up the Caribbean can be difficult, especially if one of you wants to try out water sports whilst the other would rather be relaxing in a spa retreat. So, in this post we’ve picked our top five Caribbean honeymoon destinations, as well as a few ideas for Caribbean multi-destination honeymoons for those who want to visit more than one island.

Top Five Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

The Cotton House, Mustique, Grenadine Islands

The stunning island of Mustique is a secluded gem hidden in the heart of the Grenadine islands. Scottish Aristocrat Colin Tennant purchased Mustique in 1958, and then began to cultivate the luxurious and exclusive quality that the island projects today. Many islands promise privacy and peacefulness, but few are literally designed for it.

The Cotton House, Mustique, Grenadine Islands, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

The Cotton House, Mustique, Grenadine Islands

Enhance the select atmosphere of the island by staying in the lavish Cotton House. This hotel exists to spoil you and your partner on your Caribbean honeymoon. It features staff who have mastered the art of finesse, private sea rooms with staggering views, and the potential for pampering at the spa until your hearts are content. What’s more, you can also take a private picnic with the one you love on one of the island’s many idyllic beaches.

Carlisle Bay Resort, Antigua

Consisting of 82 separate, contemporary suites, each tailored to suit the needs of their residents, Antigua’s Carlisle Bay Resort is a sophisticated and quiet Caribbean honeymoon destination. The cool, gentle sea breeze that drifts in through the beach-facing windows will slowly stir you and your partner from a peaceful slumber. It’s then up to you how you spend your day.

Carlisle Bay Resort, Antigua, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Carlisle Bay Resort, Antigua

First-rate facilities include bars and lounges, a six-room spa and treatment centre, and a yoga pavilion for those in search of spiritual rejuvenation. Add to this a wide array of dining options and styles, visitors can make their stay at Carlisle Bay reflective of their own tastes and interests.

Enjoy a romantic lunch on the veranda, relax with the aid of luxury spa products, or request that your designated butler prepares dinner under stellar skies. Carlisle Bay will let you and your loved one experience each other’s company as well as the beautiful surroundings.

Kittiwake, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

For couples interested in a more adventurous honeymoon, the colourful Cayman Islands offer diving and snorkelling for beginners and veterans alike. Practised couples with a passion for diving can share the magnificent undersea experiences on offer, whilst newly-weds looking to try something different can christen their new relationship by discovering, together, lost treasures and a whole new world beneath the sea.

Fish in Kittiwake, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

There are many dive sites worth your time. Stingray City is certainly worth checking out, but for a truly unique honeymoon experience that you and your loved one will remember, explore the undersea wreck of the Kittiwake. Well on its way to becoming an artificial reef, this former submarine rescue vessel is home to a variety of tropical sea creatures, and begs exploration. Experience a piece of marine history first-hand, whilst you tentatively begin to create your own memories and moments of magic.

GoldenEye, Jamaica

If you’re thinking James Bond, you’re on the right lines. Former residence to author Ian Fleming, GoldenEye is within walking distance of Jamaica’s world famous James Bond beach. If you’ve ever suggested to your partner that your own suaveness and charm rivals that of the fictional spy’s, then GoldenEye could prove you right…

But of course, staying at this paradisiacal Caribbean honeymoon resort does not demand living in the shadow of the international man of mystery, nor the shadow of his creator (although, you can stay in Fleming’s former residence if you desire). Together you can wander the resort’s private beach and lagoon, explore the various biking and hiking routes dotted around the site, and start writing a story of your own; the beginnings of married life.

Lagoon Suite at GoldenEye, Jamaica, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Lagoon Suite, GoldenEye, Jamaica

Unadulterated island life at its best, GoldenEye is burrowed in and amongst the lush vegetation and silver sands of a Caribbean bay, on Jamaica’s north east coast. Perfectly situated villas and cottages, equipped with private balconies and furnishings that subtly promote the minutiae of the Caribbean experience, will make the ideal honeymoon nest for newly-weds.

Watch the beautiful Caribbean sunsets from the comforts of your cottage, laze on the beach entwined in one another’s arms, or order your cocktails – shaken, stirred, or however you prefer- in the resort’s Gazebo restaurant. No spying or espionage is necessary to uncover this simple truth – Goldeneye is a Caribbean honeymoon dream.

Charter a Yacht, British Virgin Islands

For those who want to enjoy each other’s company virtually undisturbed on their honeymoon, the oceans and sailing straights of the British Virgin Islands beckon.

Charter a yacht, and enjoy the uninterrupted inspiration provided by the azure Caribbean seas. For many, tranquillity and romance go hand in hand, and the seclusion promised by these waters can offer you both.

Experienced sailors can charter a bareboat yacht to exercise complete freedom on the seas and decide on their own destinations. Similarly, crewed vessels are available to accommodate those with no previous experience. You can learn how to sail whilst voyaging across the blue seas too.

Near Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Near Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

You can also charter a yacht or boat to the sublime wonders of Virgin Gorda, observe the natural beauty of The Baths, and experience the stunning sea life and corals that Eustatia Reef has to offer. These sights are worth seeing, so you might bump into a few other keen travellers. Once you’ve had you fill though there’s always time to sail to some lesser known beaches and well-hidden diving and snorkelling sites. You and your partner can then experience the wonder of the islands removed from any buzzing tourist crowds.

Caribbean Multi-Destination Honeymoon Ideas

With its eclectic mix of history, nightlife, watersports and utter serenity; there is no better way to experience a Caribbean honeymoon than by visiting more than one island. Here is our pick of the best Caribbean multi-destination trips to ensure that you both have an unforgettable honeymoon.

St Lucia and Mustique

Rising above the sandy coastline of St Lucia stand the mountain peaks of Petit Piton and Gros Piton, making this island the most scenic in the Caribbean. Whether you’re hiking these giants, embarking on a rainforest adventure, racing the waves whilst windsurfing, or discovering a local fishing village, St Lucia certainly has something for everyone.

Petit Piton and Gros Piton, St Lucia, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Petit Piton and Gros Piton, St Lucia

After all this you may well need some relaxation, and just a scenic 30 minute flight away you’ll find the previously mentioned private island of Mustique. With the most exclusive villas in the world, indulgent spas and the finest yachts, it’s no wonder that this island is a regular spot for the world’s elite, including our very own William and Kate. Combining thrill-seeking adventures with true glamour, this is a Caribbean honeymoon that will get everyone talking.

Mustique, Grenadine Islands, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Mustique, Grenadine Islands

Barbados and St Vincent

There’s no need to worry about checking in at the airport with these two islands – you can just sail straight across. In Barbados you can relax in a luxury beach resort or take a trip to Bridgetown, a UNESCO world heritage site famous for its Anglican cathedral and stunning architecture.

Bridgetown Waterfront, Barbados, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Bridgetown Waterfront, Barbados

Then it’s on to something a little quieter in Saint Vincent. Nestled away from the tourists, this island complements the vibrant energy of Barbados, with its stunning white beaches and volcanic backdrop. Surrounded by a chain of smaller islands, this destination is perfect for exploring secluded beaches and unspoilt skylines. For an extra special Caribbean honeymoon, head over to the uninhabited Tobago Cays and get up close to the area’s beloved turtles.

Saint Vincent, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Saint Vincent

Antigua and British Virgin Islands

If you’re seeking a Caribbean honeymoon that offers complete tranquillity, we think we’ve found the winning combination. With gourmet dining, stunning views and charming villages, Antigua is a cultural gem that boasts 365 pristine beaches, leaving you spoilt for choice. Whether it’s a picturesque picnic on Green Island, stingray encounters, or soaking up the sun on the exquisite Jumby Bay, Antigua is an idyllic romantic getaway.

Green Island, Antigua, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Green Island, Antigua

Combining this with the magnificent British Virgin Islands will give you a perfect taste of Caribbean life. Located just over an hour by plane from Antigua, here you can experience scuba diving at Horseshoe Reef, or head over to the charming Jost Van Dyke, an island of only 300 inhabitants. With an array of untouched beaches and breathtaking landscapes, you will have plenty of extraordinary memories to take home from these exotic destinations.

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

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Guest post by Tom Marchant of Black Tomato

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