Ask most married women “At what moment did you feel like a bride?”, they will answer “The moment I put on my veil”. There’s just something about a beautiful piece of delicate fabric that oozes romance and completes you when walking down the aisle. Trends come and go, but the veil is here to stay.

Here are my top five wedding hairstyles which suit bridal veils.

Formal Updo

Bride with Formal Updo Hairstyle and Veil

The formal updo is timeless and elegant, and is a popular wedding hairstyle that works well with most veils. Veils that hang longer than your waist, like the chapel and ballet styles or multi tiered, are heavy, so a tighter style will hold better. The chignon, where you gather the hair into a roll at the nape of the neck, is a good choice. Or why not try a top knot, where you twist the hair into a coil at the top of the head.

Half Up, Half Down

Bride with Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle and Veil

A half up, half down is basically a style with the top portions of hair pulled back. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it complements many face shapes. You can opt for soft curls, waves or volume at the top, which is fantastic for a veil because it gives the bride a foundation to secure the veil to. This hairdo works well with multi tiered, cascading and fingertip veils.

Cascading Waves

Bride with Cascading Waves Hairstyle and Veil

If you decide to leave your hair down for a more romantic look, don’t think you are limiting your choice of veil style. However, I would recommend you opt for a lightweight veil. If you don’t want cascading waves but you still want to wear your hair down, don’t rule out the perfect blow-dry. This hairstyle shouts class and works beautifully when your dress and/or veil is either elaborate or simple. Check out the Mantilla veil or perhaps a classic tulle veil.


Bride with Updo Hairstyle and Veil

Updos include side buns, chignons, braids, romantic and soft or messy styles. Most veils will suit any one of these gorgeous hairstyles.

As a rule brides would normally not wear the veil shorter than their hair, unless you are going for a birdcage veil.

Short and Sweet

Bride with Short Hairstyle and Birdcage Veil

There’s no reason why you can’t wear a veil with short hair. Brides can look stunning wearing a shorter veil, which looks great with 50’s style wedding dresses. Or why not opt for the ever so popular birdcage veil. But if your heart’s desire is to wear that beautiful cascading veil then go for it. If Audrey Hepburn did it, why can’t you!

How to Wear Your Veil

You will also need to consider the placement of your veil. Generally, if you have short hair place the veil towards the front of the head. For updos either place the veil directly in front of the updo or beneath an updo on the back of the head. For hair down wear the veil at the top of the head.

On the day of your wedding you will need to assign someone you trust, be it your mother or bridesmaid, to be on hand to help you take off your veil. Your hairdresser will show you this very easy manoeuvre once they have placed the veil for you.

Guest post by Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection

Images from…

Formal Updo: Lexia Frank Photography

Half Up, Half Down: Amanda K Photo Art

Cascading Waves: Craig and Eva Sanders Photography

Updo: Photography by Bea

Short and Sweet: Connection Photography

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