Some brides who usually wear their hair down feel that on their wedding day they should look more elegant and therefore think an updo hairstyle is more appropriate. Remember, this is probably one of the only days in your life when all the attention will be on you, so choose a hairstyle that will make you feel confident. If having your hair up is not you, then let those tresses cascade down; you will still feel like a princess!

Think about how you are going to wear your hair down. Do you want to add height, create a parting, curls, waves or just simply wear it straight?

Preparing Your Hair

The first rule with wearing your hair down is to keep it in tip-top condition. Start about six months before the wedding day by booking an appointment with your hairdresser to trim any unwanted split ends. This will encourage healthy hair. Ask them to recommend a good shampoo and conditioner that will moisturise and prevent frizzy hair, and once a week treat yourself to a deep heat treatment. If this is too expensive you will find an extensive range of products at most stores. You now have beautiful, shiny, healthy hair!

Hair Accessories

If you are struggling with what to wear in your hair, maybe opt for a single large flower placed to the side. They add romance and enchantment and are ideal for a garden/beach wedding. Or, why not try a garland made out of wildflowers and placed as a hair band? When choosing flowers keep other accessories to a minimum.

Scooping the sides of your hair up and adding a sparkly comb to hair that has been loosely curled will give you a vintage feel.

Hair Down Hairstyles

Here are some of my favourite hair down hairstyles:

Soft curls cascading down the back look stunning with a backless dress…

Back of Bride's Soft Curls Hair Down Hairstyle

For stunning hair, simply blow-dry on a large round brush – perfect for a wedding outdoors, like this one in Italy…

Bride with Blow Dried Hair Down Hairstyle

Hair swept to one side, with a beautiful comb simply placed in the hair to add romance…

Bride with Hair to One Side

Red carpet/Hollywood glamour. This style oozes sex appeal…

Bride with Hollywood Glamour Hair Down Style

You can still create glamour on shorter hair; very Marilyn Monroe…

Bride with Marilyn Monroe Style Hair Down

Another option – eau naturel is bang on trend, making this style timeless…

Bride with Eau Naturel Hairstyle

Guest post by Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection

Images from…

Soft Curls: Dasha Caffrey Wedding Photography

Blow-Dried Hair Down Style: Corbin Gurkin Photography

Hair Swept to One Side: Lollypop Photography

Hollywood Glamour: Thomas Casey

Marilyn Monroe Style: Lawson Photography

Eau Naturel: Anna Morgan Photography

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