Beautiful eyes are the key to successful bridal make-up. Below are some of the best techniques to create wedding eye make-up in a way that defines the eyes beautifully for the photographs, and keeps them soft and sparkling during the day.

Close-Up of Eye Make-Up

Setting Eyebrows

Eyebrows create a frame for the eyes and, for me, perfect eyebrows are all about finding the perfect shape for the face. If eyebrows need to be redrawn because of over-plucking, my favourite technique to make them look soft and natural is to set them with lots of loose translucent powder. I’d recommend Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder for this. Then dust off any excess powder very gently with a powder brush. This will make drawn areas look like the natural part of the eyebrow. Setting eyebrows with a generous amount of powder will also stop them from sliding during the day.

Eye Bases

When using foundation, do not apply it on the eyelid area. Instead use make-up bases created just for eyelids. My two favourites at the moment are Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials in “Bare”, which looks great on most light and olive skin tones, and for deeper skin tones I would recommend Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

Applying Shimmer

Shimmer can help catch the light and can make eyes appear brighter, but the key is in the careful application. Brides should avoid applying on or above the crease of the eyelid. Instead I advise brides to use a pale or golden toned shimmery colour on the inner corners of the eyes to open out and brighten them. I also recommend an iridescent formula that doesn’t contain large particles and will therefore sit lightly on the lid, such as MAC’s Crystal Avalanche.


Avoid dark eyeshadow on top of eyelids and instead concentrate on the top lash line. Apply three or four layers of black eyeliner in-between the lashes, one of top of the other.

My favourite eyeliner for weddings, which REALLY doesn’t smudge, is K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. I discovered this product on a trip to Japan, but you can order it online.

False Eyelashes

I love to create a sense of drama for eyes by using combinations of different types of false eyelashes (I call this “couture eyelash application!”).

Depending on the effect I am creating for a bride (whether it’s elongated eyes, lifted eyes etc), I choose a few different types of eyelashes and cut them into smaller sections so they fit the eye perfectly. Before applying I start by placing one row of individual eyelashes just to boost volume and make the strip eyelashes look more natural.

Water Eyeshadow

On a work trip in August to Lake Como I discovered an Italian make-up brand called KIKO. They do the most amazing water eyeshadow, which blends like a powder eyeshadow and the colour is intense and vibrant like cream eyeshadow.

Despite only finding this last month I am already completely sold on it and have been using it with clients ever since.

Guest post by Lina Cameron

Image from Andrea Kuehnis Photography