Today I would love to discuss an often neglected and misunderstood area – eyebrows. Never underestimate the power of great eyebrows, especially for your wedding day. Eyebrows frame the eye, so the better prepared and shaped your eyebrows are the better your eyes will look on the day.

There are two main myths when it comes to eyebrows we need to address…

1. “If You Have Thin Eyebrows You Always Will”… Wrong!

Eyebrows grow at different rates, even down to individual hairs (you know that one hair which is always longer than the rest!). The key is to let them grow for as long as possible before your wedding so that your expert has more hair to work with when shaping. Put down the tweezers! Be brave – leave them to grow on their own, through the ‘messy phase’ (three to six months) and you will have more options later.

It’s tempting to tweeze that one hair here and there, but just leave them to grow and the end result will be all the better for it.

Model with Beautiful Eyebrows

There are lots of products I would recommend that can help with accelerating eyebrow hair growth…

Apply your chosen option each morning and evening and it will help your eyebrows grow faster.

To re-grow eyebrows from one shape to another can sometimes create a frustrating period where your look isn’t as pristine as you would like. If you fall into this camp consider buying yourself Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Gel in ‘Clear’. Apply it every morning to make your eyebrows a little stiff, and then fill the gaps with matte dark brown eyeshadow. My favourite colours for brunettes are Bobbi Brown eyeshadow ‘Mahogany’, and for blonde hair mix Bobbi Brown eyeshadow ‘Cement’ with a little touch of any antique gold eyeshadow.

2. “You Shouldn’t Pluck Above Your Eyebrows”… Wrong!

You should pluck both above and beneath the brow line. This is essential to make your eyebrows the perfect shape for your face and not compromised for the sake of a few hairs. The most ageing thing for a face is having eyebrows that are too high, making your eye area out of proportion, as was the fashion in the 40’s and 50’s.

Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Kate Middleton are all perfect examples of having eyebrows exactly where they should be, just above the brow bone.

Emma Watson's Eyebrows

Defining Your Eyebrows

Once you have grown your eyebrows for at least three months, without tweezing, ask your expert to tint/dye your eyebrows before shaping them. This will make the invisible, fair hairs dark, giving your expert more hair to work with when shaping.

Once shaped you will probably need to use some make-up products like a pencil/dark powder to define the eyebrows. My favourite eyebrow pencils are Kevyn Aucoin’s which come in two shades, ‘Brunette’ and ‘Blonde’. I have these two colours in my make-up kit and often use them both at the same time.

Model with Shaped Eyebrows

Eyebrow Maintenance

To help with your eyebrow beauty routine, here are just a few simple tips on how to maintain great eyebrows in between the appointments:

  • Use good tools. My favourite tweezers are Mister Mascara, and I also use Shavata Eyebrow Scissors.
  • Always trim the eyebrow first and then pluck the hair that’s left.
  • They say eyebrows are sisters not twins, so don’t beat yourself up if they are not 100% identical.
  • Always tweeze both eyebrows together, taking a few hairs of each at a time. This makes it easier to keep them the same shape.

Follow these steps and your eyes will be exquisitely framed for your wedding close-ups.

Guest post by Lina Cameron

Images from…

Models: Lina Cameron

Emma Watson: Flickr by Marco Bond (CC BY 2.0 License)

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