Looking for a unique bridal updo to complement your vintage wedding dress? This vintage updo hairstyle is the ideal partner for a range of beautiful looks, whether you’ve chosen a rockabilly prom-style dress or a floaty ’40s gown. It’s packed with retro cool and just the right amount of elegance for your wedding day. In short, it’s vintage fabulous.

Vintage Updo Hairstyle

And the best part? It’s easy enough to DIY. Just watch the video or read the simple step-by-step tutorial to find out how to create your perfect vintage updo hairstyle.

You Will Need…

  • Clip-in hair extensions (unless you’re blessed with thick, luscious locks!)
  • Fine-toothed for sectioning and backcombing
  • Hair ties
  • Hair grips
  • Smoothing gel
  • Hairspray
  • Red lippy (a must for every vintage gal)

How to…

Step 1 – Section Your Hair

First things first, divide your hair into sections.

Sectioning Hair

Use your comb to create a V-shaped section at the top of your head. The tip of the V should come to a point at your crown. Clip the hair out of the way for now.

Now divide your remaining hair into two sections. You want to draw a horizontal line with your comb to create a top section and a bottom section. Clip the top section out of the way.

Step 2 – Apply Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Backcomb the hair in your bottom section by gently pushing your comb towards your roots. This will give your clip-in hair extensions something to hold on to.

Applying Clip-In Hair Extensions

To give your updo the impact you deserve, you need to add some serious volume to your hair. To do this, you’re going to fold and clip your wefts in on themselves. Don’t worry, it couldn’t be easier.

First, take a four-clip weft and fold it in half. Then, using two of the clips, attach the weft onto itself. This way you get plenty of volume concentrated in a small enough space to scoop up into your high bun.

Apply your folded four-clip to the middle of your head. Then repeat the process with two two-clip wefts. Fold them, clip them and attach them side-by-side above your folded four-clip. This should disguise all of your clips for natural-looking, voluminous hair.

Step 3 – Create a High Ponytail

Creating a High Ponytail

Once you have clipped in your extensions it’s time to let down the section of hair above them and smooth it all up into a high ponytail. Use your comb for a lovely smooth finish.

Step 4 – Wrap Your Hair Into a Bun

It’s time to create that beautiful vintage bun – the centrepiece of your look.

Wrapping Hair Into a Bun

Split your ponytail in half to make a left section and a right section.

Take one section, backcomb it, and then wrap it around itself to create a bun. Use your hair grips to secure it in place.

Now backcomb your second section before wrapping it the opposite way around your bun. Grab some hair grips and make sure it’s secure enough to withstand a night on the dance floor!

Step 5 – Release Your Top Section

Take down the V-shaped section you created earlier and give it some body by gently backcombing it.

Step 6 – Rolls and Spirals

To create those authentic rockabilly rolls, sweep your top section of hair over to one side. Whichever side you think looks best.

Now gather the hair around two fingers and curl it up into a roll. Secure it in place with some hair grips.

With the leftover ends of your roll, create a small spiral of hair next to the roll. Then (you guessed it) grip it in place.

Spiralling Hair

Step 7 – Finishing Touches

You’re almost there! All that’s left to do is run some smoothing gel over the sides of your head to keep things neat and give your entire vintage updo a generous spritz of hairspray to keep it in place.

Accessorise with red hot lippy, a glass of bubbly and your handsome groom.

Guest post by Roxanne Bracknell of Lush Hair Extensions

Images from Lush Hair Extensions

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