Bridal hair and make-up is a very personal thing. Some brides feel their wedding day is the one day to really make a statement and go for a bold look – something they may not usually try but will really make heads turn!

The theme of a couple’s wedding day can warrant a specific look for the bride, such as vintage, gothic or Hollywood glamour. The overall colour scheme of the flowers, decor and bride’s dress can also come into play with the bride’s make-up.

For some brides, hiring a professional make-up artist is just not within their budget or it can be out of their comfort zone.

Here is a picture from a professional shoot showing a dramatic, statement look. Below I have listed some of the products I used along with a few tips should you wish to create a similar look for your wedding day.

Bride with Dramatic Statement Make-Up Look


As a base I used Illamasqua Hydra Veil. This product is great for keeping your skin hydrated and is a great base for your foundation. Apply a very small amount all over your face (excluding the eye area) with your fingers.

Next I applied Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation by MAC. This foundation has great coverage and doesn’t need to be powdered afterwards. It’s also waterproof, so if you are thinking about diving into a swimming pool, crying, or becoming hot and flustered on the dance floor then this product is for you! You can apply this product in many ways – hands, brush or sponge.

After I concealed around the eyes, side of the nose, chin and any cheeky blemishes or pinker areas with this great little palette, M.A.C Studio Conceal and Correct Palette/Light.


Then the real fun begins as you add colour to your eyes. For a really dramatic look I love the Illamasqua Complement Palette. Illamasqua eyeshadow products have a real intensity and help to create a really dramatic look.

I applied these with several different brushes. You should apply the lighter shade to the brow bone and lower lid to create a lift to the eye. Then, use a soft brush to add your desired colour to the socket line in your eye with soft brushing motions. You can always add more if required; it is easier to add more than take it away.

Good eyeliner is always great for creating a statement look, and I tend to use a gel liner with a small angled brush for the upper eye line – great for creating that cat eye flick.

Then a kohl pencil for under and inside the lower lash line, and to soften the lower eyeliner slightly I run a cotton bud over the kohl liner in soft, sweeping motions.

Be aware that using liner all around and inside the lash lines will make your eyes appear smaller, but it will give you a sexy, smouldering look.


To create a real sculptured look a great little product I use is Pigment in Vanilla by MAC. This is actually eyeshadow but it works well as a highlighter on the cheek bones, really catching the light.

To define your cheek bones you can add a slightly darker shade beneath the cheek bones (to do this suck your cheeks in and you can feel beneath the cheek bone). Make sure you blend it well so you don’t just end up with a darker line (you can blend it with a soft brush). NARS do a great little Contour Blush Palette – add some colour to your cheeks to really make them pop.

To slim your face and create a really dramatic cheek, take an angled brush and take the blush from the middle of your ear down to the apples of your cheeks (to find the apples of your cheeks give a big smile and you will see them). Illamasqua do some great shades for a dramatic look.


To complete your statement bridal look you need to have luscious lips. Depending on how dramatic you want to go, you can either use a neutral lip shade or a real Hollywood red or darker shade.

Here are some great lip palettes from MAC and Bobbi Brown.

More Examples

Here are a few more shots where I have created a dramatic/statement look…

Retro Bride with Statement Bridal Make-Up

Bride with Statement Bridal Make-Up

Bride with Statement Bridal Make-Up Laying in Roses

Guest post by Claire Salter

Images from…

Bride with Floral Headpiece: Matthew Stansfield

All Other Images: Kayti Feather

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