You don’t have to wear your hair down to create a sexy look; this can easily be achieved by creating an updo as well. So, if you want heads to turn when you walk down that aisle, have your stylist create either a sultry demure updo, or hair down styled into sexy, glamorous waves.

Follow my step by step guides to create four simple but sexy bridal hairstyles.

Voluminous Updo Hairstyle

Bride with Voluminous Updo Hairstyle

  1. Apply a styling cream to hair and blow-dry straight.
  2. Separate the front of your hair and clip out of the way for later.
  3. Lift small sections of the hair on the crown area and, using a comb, backcomb the hair down towards the scalp. Once you’ve teased the crown use a bristle brush to pull hair into a high ponytail and gently smooth. Secure with a rubber band.
  4. Twist the hair into a French twist and secure with pins. Spritz with hairspray.
  5. Go back to the front of the hair and with a round brush blow-dry straight, but twist the ends to give a feminine, soft look.
  6. Spritz with a firm-hold hairspray.

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

Bride with Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

A beautiful way to do both…

  1. Spritz your roots with volumising mist and blow-dry with a round bristle brush.
  2. Set your hair on large heated rollers and leave to cool.
  3. Remove the rollers and run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the wave.
  4. Take a section of hair from both corners of your forehead and bring the hair up to the top of your crown. Secure with a small comb encrusted with jewels.
  5. To give a chic but messy look tug on some hair at your crown to create volume.
  6. Finish with a fine mist of hairspray.

Simple Blow-Dry Hairstyle

Bride with Simple Blow-Dry Hairstyle

If your dress is slinky and elegant, why not choose a simple, stylishly polished blow-dry. Pull your hair over one shoulder or simply tuck the hair behind both ears to give a more demure look. This looks perfect on brunettes.

  1. Apply a lightweight, smooth styling cream to clean towel-dried hair.
  2. Section the hair and blow-dry using a flat bristle brush, starting at the nape of the neck. Blow-dry from the root to the ends. Continue with all the sections.
  3. If you want polka straight hair go over with ceramic flat irons.
  4. Finish with shine serum to create a glossy and sleek look.

Long Side-Swept Sexy Tousled Hairstyle

Bride with Long Side-Swept Sexy Tousled Hairstyle

This look will always be on trend. Don’t worry if your hair is not long enough; adding hair extensions will give you both length and volume.

  1. Apply a styling cream to damp hair.
  2. Create a deep side parting then blow-dry the hair with a bristle brush.
  3. Taking large sections of hair, curl with a large barrelled curling iron or set in heated rollers. Leave to cool.
  4. Rub a few drops of shine serum in the palm of your hands, then work through the curls to separate and add beautiful shine.
  5. Sweep hair to one side and add a sparkling comb to add a touch of elegance.

Guest post by Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection

Images from…

Voluminous Updo and Simple Blow-Dry: Lumiere Photography

Half Up, Half Down: Jade Oborne Photography

Long Side-Swept Sexy Tousled Hair: Craig and Eva Sanders Photography

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