On your wedding day there’s certainly one way to add some beautiful, timeless detail to your hair. Over the past few years braids have experienced a major resurgence in wedding hair. The classic plait has been reinvented into hundreds of different options to suit your individual taste and style of wedding.

Hair braids often look complicated, leaving people wondering ‘how did they do that?’

Here are my step by step guides on how to create four beautiful bridal braid hairstyles. Give them a go yourself or show these photos to your wedding hair stylist.

Loose Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Loose Waterfall Braid Bridal Hairstyle from Back

This braid acts as a headband around the crown, with pieces left out which cascade like a waterfall. This hairstyle looks amazing styled with loose waves and fresh flowers for a boho look.

  1. Take a triangle section of hair at one side of the head and create a braid around the crown, leaving one strand out to create the ‘waterfall’ effect.
  2. Loosen the braid out with your fingers and secure it at the opposite side of the head with a clear band.
  3. Curl the rest of the hair and the waterfall strands with tongs and pin fresh gypsophila throughout the braid to finish.

Low Chignon with Braided Band

Low Chignon with Braided Band Hairstyle from Back

  1. Take a side section of hair and braid it.
  2. Style the rest of the hair into a low bun/chignon (you can use hair padding).
  3. Then, wrap the braid neatly around the chignon, pinning the ends in well underneath.
  4. Complete the look with fresh flowers.

Low Chignon with Braided Band and Pinned Loose Waves

Low Chignon with Braided Band and Pinned Loose Waves Hairstyle from Back

  1. Add volume by backcombing the crown and then braid a section of hair at the side, loosely curling the hair underneath with tongs.
  2. Pin the hair half up at the back, pinning the remaining curls into a low chignon.
  3. Wrap the braid around the top of the chignon, adding fresh flowers.

Braided Bun Hairstyle with Fresh Flowers

Braided Bun Bridal Hairstyle with Fresh Flowers from Back

  1. Style the hair into a ponytail at mid height, braiding the ponytail.
  2. Take the braid and loosen it to ensure it’s not too ‘neat’.
  3. Wrap and pin the braid at the back, styling with fresh flowers.

Guest post by Julia Jeckell

Images from…

Loose Waterfall Braid: Hair by Julia Jeckell, Photography by Aden Priest Photography

Low Chignon with Braided Band, and Braided Bun Hairstyle with Fresh Flowers: Hair and Photography by Emily Almond

Low Chignon with Braided Band and Pinned Loose Waves: Hair and Photography by Julia Jeckell

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