It’s your wedding day and there is so much excitement, things to do, get ready and enjoy, that little things can often be overlooked. In my experience there are a few things which are really helpful to have easily to hand on your wedding day. Just keep the following items in a small handbag so everything is in one place and ask a bridesmaid to look after it for you, especially if you are travelling to different locations.

Bride Taking Item from Wedding Handbag

Perfume Sample

Perfume bottles are often so large, so just having a small sample bottle of your favourite scent in your wedding handbag so you can freshen up during the day is very useful.

Blotting Tissues

Blotting tissues are wonderful to absorb extra moisture and oil from your skin, keeping your make-up looking fresh and wonderful.


A small travel-sized deodorant fits perfectly in a handbag, helping you to stay fresh throughout the celebrations, especially during the summer.

Brush, Hairpins and Hairspray

Weather, dancing and veils can all work to dislodge stray hairs, so have a brush, some hairpins and a travel-sized hairspray in your handbag to keep those flyaways under control. You can even buy really mini pins to be extra discrete and keep your look tidy.

Cotton Pads and Buds

Cotton pads and buds are really helpful to clean up and keep your look tidy and touched up.


If you hire a make-up artist to do your wedding day make-up make sure you purchase the lip product they will use before the day so that you have it when you need to touch up.

Needle and Thread

This is my top tip. On my wedding day the zip on my dress broke 10 minutes before the ceremony, so I was very glad for the needle and thread to fix my dress so I could get to the ceremony on time.

Guest post by Lina Cameron

Image from Polly Alexandre

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