So you’ve finally decided on who will be your bridesmaids and what they are wearing; next is their hair. Would you like your bridesmaids to have matching hairstyles to fit perfectly with their dresses, shoes etc? This can work beautifully, but you’ll need to choose a style that will flatter ALL of them. Or, do you embrace the girls individuality and pick a hairstyle that suits their hair type or personality?

Row of Bridesmaids with Different Hairstyles

Matching Your Bridesmaids’ Hairstyles

If you like the idea of creating a uniform look, opt for something simple like a low bun, sleek ponytail or, if they’re wearing their hair down, create loose curls… nothing too fussy. Why not add a twist to the style and change the front so that each bridesmaid is unique. For example, you can part the hair to the right/left/middle or no parting at all.

All Up or Down, But Different Styles

Another option which looks lovely is for the bridesmaids to either all wear their hair up or all wear their hair down, but don’t have them exactly matching.

For updos you can create a messy bun, low, to the side, or high bun. For hair down styles you can opt for straight, wavy, big curls, or to the side. This way your bridesmaids won’t feel too restricted, and this could make for a happier bridesmaid!

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can play a huge part when deciding too. If you’re choosing different hairstyles for your bridesmaids why not get them to wear matching hair accessories. Or, if they are having the same hairstyle, perhaps choose different hair accessories.

Should the Bride’s Hair Match the Bridesmaids’?

I’m often asked whether or not the bride should have her hair matching the bridesmaids’. This of course is entirely up to the bride, but it is more common for the bride to want to look unique on her wedding day. If you are opting for an updo and you would like the bridesmaids to have theirs up too, maybe ask your stylist to create something that is not identical.

Another idea is for your bridesmaids to wear their hair the opposite to yours. For example, if you are wearing your hair up the bridesmaids wear their hair down, and vice versa.

Bridesmaids play a very important role on your wedding day, and of course you want them to look beautiful. But remember this is your day and, as long as you have considered all options, you make the final decision… you will only have one wedding day.

Guest post by Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection

Image from Joielala

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