Brides are once again oozing with excitement following the celebrity red carpet events splashed all over the magazines. Here are the looks I think will be inspiring wedding hair trends in 2014.

Flowing Mermaid Waves

Bride with Flowing Mermaid Waves Hairstyle

A lot of brides are taking inspiration from the different ways of wearing their hair down, with flowing mermaid waves one of the most requested bridal hairstyles for 2014.

You can achieve this look by blow-drying the hair with a round bristle brush before sectioning the hair and using large curling irons to form waves. For longer lasting curls clip each section after curling and leave for as long as you wish. Remove the pins and simply run your fingers through those luscious waves, then fix with hairspray. Bolder brides can add lots of volume by backcombing on the crown area.

Centre Parting

Bride with Centre Parting Hairstyle

Try a centre parting to open the face up, and either wear the hair loose with no-fuss curls or tie into a loose, low bun… this will look gorgeous with a veil.

Messy Ponytail

Bride with Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Or, sweep hair over to one side and create a low, slightly messy ponytail, maybe adding a little volume on top of the crown. Again, this is perfect for the no-fuss bride! Accompany with an oversized flower to add lots of romance.

For a sexier look simply create a very sleek, chic ponytail, finishing with a spritz of shine spray.

Retro Styles

Bridesmaids with Retro Quiff Hairstyles

If you are planning a 50s themed wedding how about creating the famous quiff; this looks great on shorter hair too.

If you love the 60’s vibe be daring and go for the bouffant updo. Complement with a simple ribbon or Alice band to add a touch of class.

70’s retro curls will be a hit in 2014; why not add a low side parting to be bang on trend.

And of course, not forgetting the super-glam retro finger waves for the bride who embraces anything to do with the 1920s/30s.

Boho Styles

Bridesmaids with Unfussy Boho Hairstyles

Boho brides have plenty of choice. The no fuss undone hairstyle is a huge hit, and if wearing it down or half up half down, try pulling out a few tresses from around the face to add softness.

You will also see the windswept updo a lot in 2014. Place tiny, delicate flowers all over to give a whimsical feel.


Bridesmaid with Halo Braid Hairstyle

You’ll be pleased to hear that braids are here to stay as well. Whether you opt for one long, simple braid or several smaller ones incorporated in an updo, you’re bound to hit a few heartstrings.

Either go for a neat and tidy braid or, my favourite, the messy braid (the messier the better!). The halo braid is another option, if not for the bride then definitely for the bridesmaids.

Updo with a Twist

Bride with Updo with Twist Hairstyle

A romantic updo with a twist will turns heads. Blow-dry the hair sleek, followed by a simple twist… very glamorous and fit for any red carpet wedding.

Guest post by Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection

Images from…

Flowing Mermaid Waves: Phil Drinkwater

Centre Parting: Laura Ivanova Photography

Side Ponytail: Living Radiant Photography

Quiffs: Fiona Kelly Photography

Boho: Griffin Photography

Halo Braid: Stone Photo

Updo Twist: Marianne Taylor Photography

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