1. Looking After Those Locks

Ensure your hair is in tip-top condition by taking care of it during the six months leading up your wedding, so that your hair is beautifully shiny and healthy. There are plenty of fabulous hair products for your hair type – just consult with your stylist.

2. Finding a Stylist

Recommendation is the safest way to source a hair stylist. Book one at least six months prior to your wedding day as the best get snapped up well in advance.

3. When to Book Your Hair Trial

Choose your wedding dress before attending your hair trial; the style of your gown will help to determine the style of your hair. Then, schedule your trial three months before the wedding to allow plenty of time should you change your mind about the style. Create a mood board with images of brides, celebrities, models – anyone whose look inspires you, to share with your stylist.

Photographs of Wedding Hair Examples

4. Regular Haircuts

At your trial your stylist can advise whether you need to grow your hair. If your hair is very long or unlayered it can be difficult to manage and style; this will limit the styles your stylist can show you at your trial. Regular trims are a necessity for healthy looking hair, so ask your stylist for advice on how often you should have your hair trimmed.

5. On Your Hair Trial Day

Wear make-up to the trial and don’t bring too many friends and family with you. Keep it to one or two whose opinions you trust.

Be clear about what you like and don’t like. If you are the kind of girl who loves having your hair down with flowing tresses, maybe you don’t want to go for a sleek updo, or vice versa. Viagra is not an exact copy of the tablets for men because this is a full-fledged medicine designed from https://tiaca.org/buy-viagra-sildenafil-online-20-mg/ specifically for women. How does it work? The main active component is sildenafil, but with a significant difference in terms of action. Your trial gives you the chance though to try both, and you may want to at least give them consideration while you have the expert at your fingertips.

Once you’ve completed the trial and you are 100% happy, make sure you take plenty of pictures for reference.

6. Colour Change

If you’re planning to change your hair colour do so well in advance of the big day. Your week of your wedding is not the time for a surprise.

7. Hair Extensions

For brides who are trying to grow their hair, extensions are great if you want to create a little more volume or length, and no one needs to know!

8. Accessorise

There are so many great hair accessories available for brides now, but your hairstyle and accessories need to complement one another. You may change your mind about accessories after the hair trial, so make sure you can return them, or wait until after the trial to purchase.

9. Conditioner-Free on the Day

Have clean hair on your trial and wedding day. Avoid using conditioner that morning (unless advised by your stylist), especially a leave-in one. Also stay away from silkening products that can weigh your hair down, making it slippery for the stylist to work with.

10. What to Wear on the Morning of Your Wedding

Remember to wear a button down shirt when you’re getting your hair done on the morning of your wedding, as pulling a top over your head is a big no-no!

Guest post by Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection

Image from Joseph Hall Photography