Scottish guy marrying English gal in England; what to wear? Over the years I have been party to many a debate about wedding kilts, and dread the words “Steve, what do you suggest?”. It really is a tough question, and the only constant opinion that I seem to have is this.

Should the nation that you were born in have a national garment, why not wear it? Kilt outfits can be the most amazing creation, but alas, fewer and fewer Scots own such outfits, especially those who are Scottish by birth but English at heart or home. This requires them to seek wedding kilt hire, which usually lacks choice of tartan (clan) and can often be lacking in authenticity.

Bride Pulling Up Groom's Wedding Kilt

Matching Kilt Colours

The other issue with wedding kilts is that of colour. Specific clan tartan can be wonderful in colour and pattern but may not be the desired colour choice to match the wedding colour scheme.

Also, if the kilt has a specific colour, a wedding can see the classic black bow tie traditionally worn with a kilt outfit replaced by a cravat or tie, coloured to pick out something within the kilt itself. This is fantastic on a single outfit that isn’t required to coordinate with anything else. However, at a wedding it may then not coordinate with the bridesmaids’ colours or the bride’s bouquet as desired.

When asked to supply wedding kilts or dress English guys around the Scottish Highland wear look, to combat the potential colour issue I suggest more neutral neckwear. For instance, a groom could have his wonderful tartan, yet wear a tie or cravat in a neutral ivory or white to complement his bride’s dress. Assuming we dress the English chaps within the groom’s party in traditional tails, the same could apply i.e. ivory tie or cravat, with the colour required for the men by way of a coordinating buttonhole.

If the wedding pro’ looking after you takes into account the whole wedding party look, and of course the bride’s dress and wedding colour scheme, you should be able to mix everything in very nicely indeed.

“What about the underwear?” I hear you cry. No comment from me.

Guest post by Stephen Bishop

Image from Kelly J Photography

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