They say that ‘variety is the spice of life’, and for today’s fashion-conscious brides and grooms this adage even extends to the groomswear arena.

The very definition of the word ‘mismatch’ suggests disparity. However, in a day and age when achieving standout is of paramount importance in the style stakes, it’s good to know that there are now a plethora of options available to dress groomsmen in such a way that strikes a real balance between being nonconformist and accomplishing true cutting-edge wedding chic.

So, are you ready to mismatch your groomswear? Then let’s begin!

Be Creative

The first rule of mismatching groomswear is you should be as creative as you like. Have fun with your colour choices and don’t be afraid to mix and match your ideas. For example, take a beautiful blue slim fit two-piece suit and pair it with a sharp grey slim fit waistcoat for a contemporary twist on the classic three-piece look. Or vice-versa. It’s simple, but so effective.

Groom in Mismatched Outfit of Blue Tailcoat and Grey Tweed Check Waistcoat

Like the sound of this idea but want to ramp it up a further notch? Maybe you want to mismatch fabrics as well as colours. Then why not opt for a super-trendy grey slim fit two-piece tailcoat, but this time combine it with an up-to-the-minute blue tweed check waistcoat? It shouldn’t work but, trust me, it really does!

Groom in Mismatched Outfit of Blue Tailcoat and Grey Tweed Check Waistcoat

Subtly Mismatching the Groomsmen

Mismatching can be as simple as the groom wearing a bow tie and the groomsmen wearing ties or ruches. There’s definitely something for everyone in this new mismatching game.

For the wedding purists out there the days of the groomsmen’s outfits matching certainly haven’t gone, nor will they ever totally disappear. Some traditions are simply destined to outlive us all. Nevertheless, this modern ‘mismatched groomswear’ notion is one that brides and grooms can certainly get a lot of mileage from, without the fear of embarrassing wedding photographs in years to come!

Guest post by Chris Burns of Young’s Hire

Images from Young’s Hire

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