So you’re set for your wedding suit fitting. You have the shops earmarked or appointments booked, but is there anything else to consider apart from simply turning up? The answer is yes, but it does depend on the store or stores that you are visiting and the importance placed on fittings. To me suit fittings are as important as the outfit style and colour choices.

Wedding Waistcoats and Suit Jackets Hanging on Rail

What to Take to Your Suit Fitting

In winter do you simply go to your suit fitting in your bulbous jumper and wellies? In summer do you go in shorts, T-shirt and flip flops? You can do, but it will hinder your fitting should the store(s) you visit not have a shirt, socks or shoes for you to try on with your outfit.

Of course, in the more forward-thinking stores this won’t be a problem, but there are some out there which do not offer such a facility. Therefore it is advisable to either wear a shirt or take one with you to your fitting, especially if it is the one you will be wearing on your big day. It’s also advisable to take some shoes and socks as well, just in case.

Group Suit Fittings

A group fitting is better if you’ve already chosen the outfits on a prior visit, logged the attendees names, and received a quote or placed an order/paid a deposit.

Often the groom wants all his groomsmen to attend a suit fitting at the same time. Is this a good idea? It is on one hand, as it’s ‘job done’ in one hit. But will you get the best out of the store or indeed the staff member when they are serving lots of people at once? Also, whilst we applaud having a good giggle, this type of group fitting can be a tad ‘unruly’, potentially hindering decent service or concentration.

Given that some customers can travel miles for a suit fitting, logistics may determine that a group visit is the only way. This is fine, but I suggest two or three sittings within the appointment block. The staff member involved can then focus on these fittings and ensure accuracy.

Remember, you could have chosen the most expensive, glamorous, and fantastic outfit, but it must still fit well.

Guest post by Stephen Bishop

Image from Carla Thomas Photography

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