Cravat, tie, bow tie…? This is a hot topic. Of course, the colour of the groomsmen’s neckwear is normally easy as it’s usually coordinated with the bride or bridesmaids’ colour scheme. The tricky bit is the age old ‘the groom has to stand out’ dilemma. Is this by way of a colour or style change i.e. the groom in a cravat and other groomsmen in ties?

Groom Doing Up Tie in Mirror

Cravat or Tie?

Do you wear a cravat with tails or a tie with a normal suit? Dare you try something different? Yes, no, yes and no, maybe, no and yes again. In other words, by all means follow tradition, but also perhaps break the mould and change things a bit.

Groom Wearing Wing Collar with Tie

I look after many weddings that do just that. I have looked after weddings where the groomsmen have worn lounge suits with wing collars and cravats to mix both a normal suit look in with a wedding look. This is very effective. Likewise, many groomsmen will wear a full blown tails outfit with a wing collar but standard tie. The possibilities are endless, and as long as your group look is cohesive any combo is good.

The colour schemes asked for have never been so varied, nor has the desire for a groom to wear a neckwear colour to match the bride’s dress it seems. The groom wears ivory, oyster or Champagne neckwear, with the other groomsmen in the bridesmaids’ colour. That seems easy, but what if you don’t like it?

Bride Adjusting Groom's Cravat

Both Ties and Cravats?

One of my favourite ideas at the moment is a little ‘out there’, but still very relevant. How about the groom and his best man in cravats the same colour as the bridesmaid dresses and the other groomsmen in the same colour tie? It does work, and can eliminate any ‘combo’ problem. I repeat, as long as your group look appears planned, whatever the change or combo you decide you will look fabulous.

Let us not overlook the good old bow tie. I have to admit to having a problem with bow ties at a wedding, this being slightly alleviated if worn with a tux. I would say cravats all the way unless you feel the ‘vibe’ of your wedding is more casual or indeed your venue is not a church/traditional venue. In this case, standard neckwear may be just the ticket.

Guest post by Stephen Bishop

Images from…

Groom Looking in Mirror: Craig and Eva Sanders Photography

Groom in White Tie: Tiziana Gallo

Bride Adjusting Cravat: Photography by Stefanie

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