When a couple is planning a wedding abroad there are so many destinations to choose from. In fact, ‘spoilt for choice’ springs to mind. But imagine if there were twice as many places to research… More couples are now opting to sign their legal paperwork here in the UK and register their legal marriage before they fly for their wedding abroad, and this opens up the options to far more destinations around the globe.

The World is Your Oyster

When considering a wedding abroad it’s easy to only think about the ‘traditional’ hot spots such as Cyprus, Greece, The Caribbean, Mauritius and the US. However, if a couple signs their legal paperwork and registers their marriage before they fly, it opens up the world.

Bride Parasailing During Wedding Abroad

Suddenly, places like Dubai and the Middle East are open – you could exchange your vows at the tallest building in the world! There are Spanish-speaking countries such as the Canary Islands, or even Mainland Spain.

Even destinations where you can legally marry become more appealing to those who register their paperwork in advance, particularly divorcees. For example, the Dominican Republic has long been renowned as a popular wedding destination. However, did you know that if both partners are divorced it can add an extra £1,000 to your wedding bill in legal fees and translations? Signing the legal paperwork in the UK gets around this.

One location that has taken advantage of this is the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana. With its wide variety of facilities, this luxury all-inclusive hotel is perfect for families and couples alike. In fact it’s ideal for large wedding parties who wish to stay ‘on property’ but give their friends and family their own space. If you stay for 14 nights they credit your room with USD$3,600 in FREE Resort Credit too.

Countries worldwide are starting to catch on to this up and coming trend. So, it may not be long before the whole UK market is saying ‘I Do’ in Tenerife, dancing down the aisle in Dubai and mingling on the beaches of Malaysia.

Guest post by Helen Doyle of PerfectWeddingsAbroad.co.uk

Image from Hard Rock All Inclusive Collection

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