Depending on where your wedding takes place, getting married abroad can be a legal minefield. Each country has different requirements – some have timescales, residency periods, and others stamps. The company you book with should let you know the specific requirements for your destination of choice, so in this post we’ll look at some practical things you can do to get the legal documents for your wedding abroad in order and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible…

Find Your Documents

Find your main documents as soon as you book your wedding abroad. Get your full length birth certificates and passports out to make sure they are the right ones and are valid. If you have previously divorced you’ll probably need a divorce decree and, in some places, previous marriage certificates.

UK Passport

Check Your Details Match

Compare all the documents against one another. Make sure that the names on each of the documents match exactly; so, no spelling mistakes. Also ensure that each document that should have a middle name has a middle name. If one of your documents is misspelt or has a name missing, it may mean that you can’t get married or, if you can, that the name on your Marriage Certificate will be ‘wrong’ forever.

Get Copies of Missing Documents

Get certified copies of any missing documents as soon as possible. Do you only have a short-version birth certificate? If so, apply for a certified copy of the full length version.

Ask if You Are Unsure About Anything

Ask your wedding abroad specialist for help and advice if you are unsure. Often if something doesn’t seem right it probably isn’t, so it’s best to ask and double-check to get your documents clarified.

Wedding Confirmation Pack

Read and follow your Wedding Confirmation Pack. Whoever you booked your wedding abroad with should supply you with the full legal process and required documents for the place where you are marrying.

Sometimes friends and family will claim to know best, but remember they may have married in a completely different location with different processes.

Top Tip: Read the Story

Your documents should tell a story from start to finish. If there is a missing link then you need to fill in the gap.

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