As couples become busier in their working and home lives they sometimes put weddings on the back burner until they ‘get round to it’. Many couples choose to have a quick wedding due to pregnancy, or perhaps as cohabiting ex-pats they’re frowned upon in their new society. In recent times these factors, amongst others, have led to an increase in the popularity of last minute overseas weddings.

Unbeknown to many couples, short notice or quickie weddings are impossible in some locations but no problem at all in others. It’s a minefield to try and work out which places are the easiest to marry in, as it comes down to your personal circumstances – whether you’ve married before, how many weeks until your chosen wedding date, and so on. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most popular locations for a last minute wedding abroad…

Nissi Bay, Cyprus

For couples who have left the UK for the Middle East and are looking to tie the knot at short notice, it’s easy to hop on an Emirates’ flight over to Larnaca and marry on the island of Cyprus.

So White Boutique Suites, Cyprus

Just a drive away from Larnaca Airport is the amazing So White Boutique Suites. You can even have cocktails and canap├ęs on their floating pads over the pool.

New York, USA

Central Park is well known as one of the most popular wedding locations, and with the ease of marrying in New York, there’s no wonder why.

Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York

Areas such as Bow Bridge, Shakespeare’s Garden and Strawberry Fields are all lovely wedding locations, and during autumn and winter it’s well worth considering the Ladies Pavillion venue, as this offers shelter.

Antigua, The Caribbean

The Cocobay Resort in Antigua is intimate and perfect for ‘just the two of us’ weddings, which last minute weddings abroad often are. During the month of June, if you stay at the hotel for two weeks you can even benefit from their free wedding package.

Cocobay Resort, Antigua

Cape Town, South Africa

Not necessarily a location that springs to mind for most people considering a wedding abroad, but with its buzzing atmosphere, stunning beaches and onward connections to honeymoon locations in the Indian Ocean, Cape Town is ideal.

The Bay Hotel, Cape Town

A stay at The Bay Hotel is perfect for couples desiring a last minute beach wedding before heading off elsewhere.

Las Vegas, USA

It’s impossible to discuss quickie weddings without mentioning Vegas. It goes without saying that if you want to, you can even enjoy an all day pool party, go clubbing until the early hours, devour a kebab and then rock up at a 24/7 chapel and say ‘I Do’… Just make sure you pass through the chapel with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!

Wedding in Vegas

By their nature, last minute weddings abroad need to be checked and double-checked as far as legal paperwork is concerned, so it’s best to take professional advice. One other really important thing to remember in the rush of a short notice wedding is… don’t forget your passport!

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