For couples looking to plan an exotic island wedding, the Cayman Islands offer something few destinations can match… exquisite natural beauty infused with civility and commitment. The result is a sort of ‘barefoot elegance’ that promises to make your wedding day truly remarkable.

Whether you’re planning a grand, sophisticated church wedding for 200, or an intimate beachfront ceremony for two, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac afford the locales, activities and attractions to make your experience larger than life. With a host of wedding professionals ready to help you with everything from floral arrangements to legal requirements, tying the knot in this corner of the Caribbean could not be easier.

An Unforgettable Ceremony

The size and scope of a Cayman Islands wedding ceremony is limited only by the imagination. Couples can opt for a traditional wedding in a quaint chapel, stately church or luxury resort.

To add a bit of Caymanian flavour, consider marrying amidst the pageantry of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, beneath the gazebo at the Grand Old House (a stately 1900’s plantation manor), or overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean on the grounds of Pedro St. James – the birthplace of Caymanian democracy.

Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

For a more intimate ceremony, couples can choose to marry on a stretch of sugar white sand along the famed Seven Mile Beach, or just above the enchanting crystal clear water on the pier at legendary Rum Point.

Seafarers can choose to marry aboard a luxurious catamaran, or replica 17th century galleon as it takes to sea on a spectacular sunset cruise.

Those couples arriving by cruise may choose any of the above, or instead opt for a port side wedding along the cobblestone streets of historic George Town – the Cayman Islands’ capital.

However and wherever you choose to tie the knot, you’ll find a wedding venue ready, willing and able to fulfil your desires.

The Perfect Reception

Once the ceremony ends the celebration begins, and Cayman, as you’ll quickly discover, holds the high art of celebrating most sacred.

Regale your wedding guests with a scrumptious gourmet meal at any of the Cayman’s world class restaurants. Bask in the awe-inspiring luxury and beauty of one of Grand Cayman’s resorts, or simply slip off your shoes and revel in the sounds of a steel drum band on a deserted stretch of sun-drenched beach.

As dusk turns to night, let the party continue aboard a sunset cruise on a secluded deck overlooking the sea, or in the festive atmosphere of one of Grand Cayman’s exhilarating nightclubs.

Completely Caymanian

From the smiling faces you’ll meet to the delectable dishes you’ll sample, you’re sure to find strong reminders of Cayman’s hospitality and heritage everywhere you turn. Yet there are a few times each year when Caymanian culture truly jumps to the forefront. Be sure to visit during the world-renowned Pirate’s Week celebration held each fall, or strut your stuff with the costumed street musicians of Batabano, Cayman Carnival. You’ll also find scores of culinary and music festivals, including the Cayman Cookout (an epicurean event sponsored by Food & Wine magazine and the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman) and the Cayman Jazzfest, as well as a myriad of other local celebrations throughout the year.

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Image of Seven Mile Beach from Flickr by SF Brit (CC BY-ND 2.0 License)

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