We all know that there is nothing like being a guest at a lovely wedding to lift the spirits and make us appreciate life to the full. I’m a big believer that all weddings should have a warm and welcoming mood whatever the choices, which should, most importantly, reflect the couple, their personalities and loves. For many this means injecting lots of fun, camaraderie and game playing, so today’s feature provides some wedding game ideas you can incorporate into your big day if game playing and alternative entertainment is your thing. This feature is inspired by weddings which have included these ideas…

Duck Herding

“What?”, I hear you say. Yes, under expert training your guests are taught how to manage a sheep dog in herding ducks around obstacles and into pens. Really quite hysterical, with a big dose of eccentricity this is a great wedding game for a country location, and ideal for post ceremony entertainment.

Garden Wedding Games

Garden games such as Giant Jenga, Giant Four Score, Quoits, Giant Chess and more are ever popular. We’ve all seen them at weddings for many years now – they are always so popular, and not necessarily just with the children. I find it’s always the men who get quite competitive on these things!

Women Playing Giant Jenga Wedding Game


We’re all familiar with a wedding sweepstake where guests guess how long the speeches/best man’s speech are going to be. Take this a step further and organise it formally by providing pens and sweepstake sheets to show that you mean business!

Trivia Cards

Little boxes of wedding trivia cards can be quite a nice addition to dining tables, particularly if you’re seating guests together who don’t know each other, as they can be great ice breakers to get the conversation going. Adaptations of this wedding game can be little homemade quiz cards for the table asking questions about the bride and groom to test guests’ knowledge on your relationship, which again gets the conversation going.

Games Zone

If you really are into game playing, how about factoring in a games zone into your wedding schedule? After dinner and before the first dance is a nice time for this, when perhaps evening guests are joining. Guests are keen to stretch their legs, and many will be in the mood play games after one too many glasses.

Anyone for table hockey, table football and skittles? Installing a funky photo booth and some cool bean bags and lighting in the room will create a brilliant atmosphere.

Wedding Guests Playing Table Football Wedding Game

Party Games

For the really keen, why not organise some cheesy party games for the dance floor? Egg and spoon races, musical chairs, dance-offs and more have been quite hysterical this summer.

My personal favourite is the ‘deliver the bouquet to the bride’ wedding game. Teams compete to carry the wedding bouquet to the waiting bride, whilst bouncing on a space hopper and drinking a vodka shot along the way. Lots of silliness!

Art Installation

If you’re keen for your guests to give you a lasting souvenir of your wedding, how about equipping them with large canvases and crayons to produce some unique art works? The brief can be as detailed or freestyle as you like!

Adult Face Painting

There’s a whole post on festival style wedding entertainment, but one of my favourites that I think adapts to many styles is the hiring of an adult face painter for part of the evening. We’re not talking tigers and butterflies, but very elegant glitter and crystal artworks for the eyes and cheeks. It’s huge fun and a great complement to a photo booth.

Guest post by Kelly Chandler

Images from…

Giant Jenga: Fiona Kelly Photography

Table Football: Pippa Mackenzie Photography

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