A lot of couples struggle to know what sort of music to have during their wedding breakfast, if any at all. I think it’s definitely worth having something because, whilst it may only play in the background, music will set a lovely atmosphere and vibe in the room. Even if you don’t notice it particularly, the idea is to subtly help everyone relax into their meal and start to build the ambience for dancing later on.

Whether you’re worried about noise levels or you’d rather keep your entertainment budget for later in the evening, here are a few suggestions that may help.

Alternative Wedding Breakfast Music

I know a lot of brides and grooms these days are looking for something a little bit different to what they (and their guests) have seen at other people’s weddings. Traditionally, one might go for a cocktail pianist, string section or a jazz trio, but if you want to shake things up a little, how about trying…

Singing Waiters

To be honest, we really need to find another description for this sort of act because they all tend to be so much more than just waiters these days. Professional singers hide undercover at your event as Chefs, Waiters, Bar Staff, Event Managers, or even guests, and at the opportune moment during the meal they will burst into song and shock everyone! This is such fun and the guests always go crazy. It’s the kind of thing people will be talking about for years afterwards.

Undercover Singing Waiters

An Acoustic Duo

I quite like the idea of having an acoustic duo because it creates a really nice, relaxed atmosphere. Acoustic guitar and vocals is a beautiful sound, but it’s also really fun and I think it’s a great combination of the two.

Think about a nice hot summer evening in your local pub, relaxing with a glass of wine and friends to the sound of a acoustic duo playing songs from artists such as Norah Jones, James Morrison and Joss Stone. That’s the sort of vibe you will create; sounds lush to me!

Acoustic Guitarist Playing at Wedding

Cost-Efficient Wedding Breakfast Music

Let’s face it, in today’s climate this is sadly a factor with many people. A lot of you may want to hold off spending anything on this part of the day in order to fund other parts of the wedding. Here are a few cheaper/free options to think about…

Taped Music

If you’ve got a band in the evening and they are already set up, they will probably play this for you for free. If not then it doesn’t take long to throw together an iPod playlist of your favourite chill-out songs. I’d say keep it pretty laid-back – people won’t really be listening and it’s just there to create an atmosphere during the meal.

Solo Musician

This will obviously be cheaper than paying for a larger band to play over the meal. Perhaps a solo vocalist would be nice, or a harpist or saxophonist?

Saxophonist Playing at Wedding Breakfast

If You’re Worried About Noise Levels

This always seems to be a worry. If you’re hiring in a professional they will know that wedding breakfast music doesn’t need to be particularly loud. However, if you’re still concerned, here are some very practical ideas that will sit nicely as background noise whilst your guests chat away…

Cocktail Pianist

This is simple, but always sets a lovely atmosphere and looks very classy too. The sound is never too loud, so everyone should be able to chat easily whilst your pianist sets a gorgeous atmosphere.



I think live harp has to be one of the most beautiful sounds, and also, one of the most non-intrusive. If you’re worried about noise levels, a harpist would be a perfect option.

Guest post by Sera Golding of MIB Music

Images from…

Singing Waiters: Matt Pereira Photography

Acoustic Guitarist: Fiona Kelly Photography

Saxophonist: Warble Entertainment

Pianist: Ken Buist Photography

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