If you have decided to have children at your wedding you will want to consider how you are going to keep them occupied. Here are ten suggestions of how you can keep children entertained at a wedding…

Create a Children’s Table

Make them feel special with a table just for the kids. Some venues have child-size furniture that will look really cute and is much more practical. Decorate the table in the same way as the adult tables, replacing favours with sweets and things to play with.

Child Sitting at Wedding Table

Fun Decorations

It’s a good idea to replace floral centrepieces with something more child-friendly. Edible fruit bouquets are a perfect alternative, but you could also have giant bowls filled with treats. Use your imagination and kids will love it!

Blowing Bubbles

All guests who are young at heart will enjoy blowing bubbles. Add a pot to every table and one for each child on their table so everyone can join in the fun! Bubbles will create a romantic atmosphere and some fab photo opportunities. You could even get a bubble blowing machine.

Child Running with Bubble Wand at Wedding

Special Presents

As a special favour for a pageboy or flower girl, ask their parents about their favourite toys and buy one as a gift. It will keep them quiet all day!

Activity Packs

You’ll find a great range of activity bags suitable for children of all ages online. Or, you could download and print this free children’s wedding activity book.

Colouring Crayons

Simple, safe and fun, children of all ages love crayons. Buy special wedding favour crayon packs or get a bumper pack and place in a pot that fits in with your wedding theme. Add sheets of paper and ask them to draw the happy couple.

Dot to Dot in Free Printable DIY Children's Wedding Activity Book

Moulding Toys

Always popular with children. Give them mouldable playthings like Play Doh (for younger children) and Fimo (for older children). Add some tools and other toys and they’ll be occupied for hours.

Lego Packs

Another classic toy that boys in particular will enjoy. Remember to consider the ages of the children though. Young ones* need basic packs, while older children need more difficult versions so they don’t get bored.

*Also remember that Lego could be a potential choking hazard, so keep it away from very young children.

Children’s Music

Ask your DJ to play some children’s songs at the beginning of the evening – dancing should tire out any stubborn young sleepers!

Special First Dance

Have a fun first dance just for the children straight after your own. They will love the attention and you will love the photographs!

Guest post by Julie Tooby

Images from…

Child at Table: Flickr by Taro Taylor (CC By 2.0 License)

Running with Bubble Wand: Charlotte Leys Photography

Activity Book: Lovely Indeed

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