Couples often have a preferred month in mind when they book their wedding, and many gravitate to late spring. Everything is fresh and new, there’s hope in the air and everyone is optimistic about the year ahead. On a practical level, when opting for a spring wedding and therefore avoiding the hectic summer months, you can book some of the top wedding entertainment acts and prices can be more affordable. With this is mind, here are some spring wedding entertainment suggestions.

Walkabout Musicians

Music alfresco makes for fabulous wedding memories. Picture a jazz soloist mingling with your guests out on the lawns, playing upbeat notes in the afternoon sunlight and sultry sounds in the early evening moonlight.

Walkabout Wedding Band The Ramblers

You can never guarantee the weather in Britain, but in late spring there’s every chance you’ll avoid the rain. While the sun is shining, how about a classical guitarist or duet to walk amongst your guests, filling the air with wonderful melodies? Also, the beauty of smaller entertainment acts is they can quickly switch to indoors should the weather let you down.

Outdoor Fun

While you have the chance to use a venue’s outdoor space in spring, make the most of it. There are hundreds of activities and party games that can take place on the lawn. Event companies can provide croquet sets, giant Jenga and over-sized chess pieces, large inflatables, or more traditional amusements like see-saws and maypole dancing.

Wedding guests playing croquet

There are some incredible dance acts available for hire – groups that can entertain and engage. That’s right, give your spring wedding entertainment the edge and teach your guests some fresh moves to put a ‘spring’ in their step.

Fairground-Style Entertainment and Games

If you don’t mind things getting messy, consider fairground-style attractions, like a coconut shy, skittles or tin-can alley. Otherwise, why not mix and match anything from apple dunking, dodging water-filled balloons, giant hoop-la and donkey piñata (kids love smashing out the sweets). Don’t forget jugglers and fire eaters, who need a little space.

Bride and groom throwing balls at coconut shy

The more adventurous might consider staging a play, perhaps with a clever pre-written script that can involve guests in different roles. The bride and groom would, of course, be the stars…

It’s Magic, You Know

Too many party games will leave guests exhausted, but probably not the kids! Professional entertainers can keep the mood light but exciting, with a roving magician doing card tricks, illusions and walk-about magic demonstrations. The children remain captivated and involved, while the adults chat, dance and celebrate your union.

Bride taking part in magic trick with wedding magician


Weddings are all about memories, and there’s sure to be a shutter-happy photographer capturing images from every angle. But how about something extra special. A unique interpretation of guests while they mingle and enjoy themselves in the spring sunshine…

Wedding Caricaturist drawing bride and groom

A caricaturist is quick on the draw and delivers funny and quirky sketches that will make everyone howl with laughter. Their pictures, with a splash of springtime colour, will be the perfect memento of your wedding day.

Firework Finale

Unlike the longest days in the middle of summer, you get the best of both worlds with a spring wedding. By 9pm your guests have already enjoyed hours of celebrations, so it’s the perfect time to make a real statement as darkness falls.

Wedding Fireworks Display

Hire a fireworks display team to illuminate your venue with fabulous pyrotechnics. You could even set it to music or have your band playing some rousing tunes. The younger guests will still be part of the fun, and those who have travelled and need to head off early will enjoy the perfect finale.

Of course, it doesn’t end there, as the late-night partying can continue for those with real stamina. Your spring wedding entertainment will have been capped by an explosive finale that every single guest will always remember.

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Images from…

Walkabout Band, Magician and Caricaturist: Warble Entertainment

Croquet: How Photography

Coconut Shy: Sarah Aires Photography

Fireworks: Tom Biddle Design and Photography

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