I hear more and more brides and grooms talking about how their wedding day isn’t just for them, and they want their friends and family to enjoy the day as much as they do. I can understand why too; the more your guests have fun, the more you will both relax and enjoy the day. So, how can you involve your guests in the entertainment side of your wedding? Here are a few ideas on how to give your guests a day they too will never forget…

The First Dance

Bride and Groom Performing Choreographed Dance Moves

A few times lately I’ve seen couples get their closest friends and family involved in the first dance. The bride and groom start off with a nice smoochy/romantic number, and halfway through a selection of guests burst onto the dance floor with a full-blown routine to something fun and up-tempo. It’s a great way to shock the guests who aren’t involved, and for those who are it’s something they’ll always remember.

Dance Routine

Similar to above, I’ve also seen the hen party perform a fully choreographed routine, which is great fun. It’s always nice to see everyone having fun, and it’s a lovely way of helping your friends from different walks of life get to know each other better.

Live Band Karaoke

Wedding Guest Singing

There are many bands on the circuit that now provide ‘live band karaoke’. This is so much fun, and because of the live band element it’s a lot less cheesy than the usual karaoke that we all know and love. Why not book a band that can play one set as a normal function band, and then kick off into live wedding karaoke and get your guests up to croon the night away?

Ask Your Guests for Song Choices

What about sending a ‘top five songs ever’ list for each of your guests to fill out a month or so before your wedding? You could then pass this onto your DJ to work from, and they can dedicate each song to whoever requested it on their form. This is a nice way to involve everyone, and also a great way to let your DJ know what style of music is going to work best with your audience. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a live band though as it might prove a little too complicated.

Do You Have Any Guests Who Are Musicians or Singers?

Wedding Guest Playing Guitar

If one of your guests plays guitar then why not get them up to perform with your band? Most bands won’t mind and they’ll be happy to get someone up to play or sing with them. Please remember though, if they’re going to do this they need to make sure they don’t drink too much!

Guest post by Sera Golding of MIB Music

Images from…

Dance Routine: Tom Leishman of Picture My Love

Guest Singer and Guitarist: Charlie Davies Photography

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