Over 400 festivals take place across the UK each year, with millions making the pilgrimage to see their favourite bands and soak up the incredible festival atmosphere.

Festival themed weddings are becoming more and more popular, with a huge emphasis on friends, family, fun and, of course, amazing live music. Here are some festival wedding entertainment ideas that will help to transform your big day into the next Glastonbury.

Festival Style Wedding Bands

Possibly the most important factor when arranging your festival wedding is your choice of live music. An ordinary wedding band is okay, but you really want something that will fit right in with your festival theme.

Acoustic Band

A lot of bands are specifically tailored towards this and can offer two perfect festival sets. They will often begin with a ‘Mumford and Sons’ style acoustic based set to set the scene, later moving into a heavier rock set similar to The Killers or Kings of Leon and really kick things off!

Face Painters

Children with faces Painted

One benefit of a festival wedding is that you can be a little bit adventurous with how you and your guests dress and look on the day. Add a little colour to proceedings with a face painter. Not only can they paint faces with cool designs (great for kids), some also provide glitter tattoos and different kinds of Mehndi and Henna art, perfect for a festival weekend.

Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers Wedding Entertainment Act

Your guests will stop dead in their tracks and stare in awe at these larger than life characters as they move around your venue. Wonderfully costumed stilt walkers will mix, mingle and interact with your guests, all whilst providing unique and fun photo opportunities.


Percussion Festival Wedding Entertainment Act

Live percussion is a very explosive and exciting way to add some energy to your festival wedding entertainment. Often percussion groups can perform as a walkabout act (meaning they are not fixed to a certain spot or stage), which is great for getting all your guests involved. Professional percussionists will create clever rhythms and patterns that are infectious and impossible to not dance to.

Fire Performers

Fire Performer at Festival

As day turns to night at your festival wedding, there is nothing better than a fire performer to round off an amazing evening. Illuminate the party with a fantastic and heart-racing choreographed finale. You can also utilise fire performers as a background or mix and mingle type act earlier in the evening, such as a fire juggler or fire manipulator.

Article by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment

Images from Warble Entertainment

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