I love DIY tissue paper pom poms. They are SO cheap to make, versatile, and brighten up any space. Huge single colour pom poms can be a rather dramatic statement, whereas smaller, colour coordinating pom poms can make cute table decorations, place settings, aisle runners, chair decorations, tree adornments or create a stunning backdrop.

Here’s how to make pom poms from tissue paper…

You Will Need…

  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line/wire/strong string or thread

How to Make…

1. Take about eight sheets of your tissue paper and layer them on top of each other.

Sheets of tissue paper

2. Fold in an accordion style at about 1 inch folds.

Sheets of tissue paper folded accordion style

3. Secure at the middle with some string or wire.

Tissue paper tied in middle

4. Cut the ends into either a rounded or pointed shape.

Tissue paper ends cut

5. Fan out the folds and gently tease apart the layers of tissue paper, one side at a time.

Fan out tissue paper pom pom

6. Fluff and tease the tissue paper into a round shape.

DIY tissue paper pom poms

7. Place your DIY pom poms wherever you please. Attach more string to hang from the rafters or scatter at will.

Guest post by Laura Parker

Images from Laura Parker

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