Here is my tutorial on how to make DIY Soap Wedding Favours.

You Will Need…

What you'll need to make DIY soap wedding favours

  • Melt and pour soap base of your choice
  • Knife and chopping board
  • Aromatherapy/essential oils (skin friendly)
  • Dried flowers/leaves
  • Cutters or moulds
  • Microwave
  • Measuring jug
  • Metal spoon
  • Paper or cellophane bags
  • Ribbon and tags

How to Make…

1. Chop your soap base into manageable chunks and place it in your measuring jug. Melt on a medium heat in the microwave, pausing frequently and stirring gently. I find a metal spoon and gentle stirring prevents excess froth.

Chopping soap base

2. Once it’s all melted, leave the liquid soap to cool slightly before adding drops of your chosen essential oils. Don’t be shy when adding it; you should be able to smell it when you stir it in, as some will slightly evaporate.

Adding essential oils to soap base

3. Pour the liquid into your moulds, or a shallow tray if you are using a cutter.

4. Sprinkle the top with leaves, petals or dried flowers. Avoid the edges of the tray if you are cutting out shapes as you can melt down any off-cuts for the next batch.

Sprinkling soap with petals

5. Set to one side (or pop in the fridge) until the soap has cooled.

6. Now you can press out the soap onto a board and get cutting! You can use cookie cutters, a template of your own, or just slice into bars.

Cutiing heart shapes from soap

7. Wrap the soap wedding favours in beautiful paper or cellophane bags, and finish with a ribbon and a little tag of thanks/explaining what you’ve made.

Finished DIY Soap Wedding Favours

Guest post by Laura Parker

Images from Laura Parker

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