The simplest of details can often have the most impact and this could not be more true with this unique DIY bow tie napkin. It has been handcrafted using Ikea fabric – one of my insider secrets for superb textiles at reasonable prices. Making these napkins requires a little sewing but it is relatively simple.

Black and white bow tie napkin

How to Make…

1. Cut a piece of fabric to just over 20″ x 20″, leaving enough to hem each side with a sewing machine.

2. Next you want to cut the middle piece of the bow tie which will be your napkin ring, holding it all together. Turn the fabric inside out and sew the two long ends together so you end up with a tube, then turn it back the right way around.

3. Hem each end of your strip and add a simple push button to keep it in place around the napkin.

4. To get the bow tie shape fold the napkin over so two opposite sides fold inward to the halfway point. Take the other two sides and fold these over so they meet in the middle and slightly overlap. You want a slightly rectangular shape to the napkin.

5. Now pinch it in the middle to create the bow shape and secure with your napkin ring.

Guest post by Michelle Kelly of Pocketful of Dreams

Image from Katy Lunsford Photography

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