Walking down the aisle towards your future husband is one of the occasions for which you can definitely indulge in great shoes. Classic, sexy, traditional, glamorous, flats or stilettos, there’s a wedding shoe for you. If you’re lucky enough to be saying “I do” next year there are some great wedding shoe trends for 2017.


With their barely there look, nude wedding shoes are elegant and classic. They’ve been a favourite of classically styled brides and they’re making a comeback in 2017. An advantage of nude shoes is you can wear them after your wedding with a variety different coloured outfits.

Flush Nude Wedding Shoes

Bold and Beautiful

Brides looking to make a strong and lasting impression as they walk down the aisle can embrace what will be one of the hot wedding shoe trends for 2017. Choose a coloured shoe that complements your wedding colour scheme. From burgundy to deep blue, emerald greens and bright yellows, there are many bold and beautiful coloured wedding shoes. They will all make head turns as you meet your man at the altar.

Harmony Bold Wedding Shoes

Lovely, Lacy Shoes

Lacy wedding shoes have always been a favourite for brides. They add a vintage touch to your special day and have an air of delicacy and femininity. Style them up with flowing layers for the ultimate bohemian vibe, or have them as an ornamental detail to a more classic look. Either way, you simply can’t go wrong.

Obsession Lacy Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes for the ‘Something Blue’ Tradition

Brides who embrace the old English tradition can rejoice! One of the hot wedding shoe trends for 2017 will be wearing a shade of blue. This could be a simple pastel satin shoe or a bolder, brighter embellished stiletto. This trend ties together the traditional with the modern, and it will surprise your guests too.

Romantic Blue Wedding Shoes

Shoes with a Feather

Feathers are making a comeback in wedding dresses and, of course, you can’t leave them out of your shoes. Extravagant and luxurious, wedding shoes with a feather are a must have for glamorous, fashionista brides.

Applique Feather Wedding Shoes

The Uniquely Embellished Shoe

One of the hottest wedding shoe trends for 2017 is a beautiful, uniquely embellished shoe. Think of delicate but intricate designs in heels, from floral designs to angel wings and lucky charms. Make sure it’s personal and tells a story, and this trend will not disappoint.

Morgan Embelished Wedding Shoes

Modern Victorian Shoes

These classic lace up court shoes are back with a bang. They’re a must have wedding shoe for classic brides who want something slightly different. Again, you could add them as a statement to a more classic look, or they could be a vital part of a more rock ‘n’ roll, vintage look.

Cupcake Modern Victorian Wedding Shoes

Floral Shoes

Flowers are big in 2017 and, needless to say, they won’t be missing in wedding shoes. Floral printed fabric, floral appliqués or even a floral embellished heel, you cannot go wrong by adding a bit of feminine flower power to your wedding look.

Fancy Floral Wedding Shoes

Shoes with a Bow

Bows are coming through strong in 2017 and they are a great trend for the coming year. Whether oversized or delicate, wrap yourself in wedding shoes with a bow.

Dahlia Bow Wedding Shoes

Guest post by Molly Jones of Pink Paradox London

Images from Pink Paradox London

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