Weddings are all about family and friends, and the stories and history that bind us all together. The personal touches you add to your special day are so important, as they are what you and your guests will remember for years to come. So why choose tartan wedding accessories?

Colour Pop

The beauty of tartan is the life it brings to the most simple of outfits. There are so many colours and patterns you cannot fail to find the perfect match to your wedding colour scheme. Imagine the contrast of a bold tartan bridal wrap against a simple ivory wedding gown, the flash of tartan heels as you take the floor for the first dance, or a dainty tartan drawstring bag dangling from your wrist.

Wool Tartan Stole

Make It Personal

Using your family tartan, the groom’s tartan, or choosing to wear someone else’s tartan in special memory to a grandparent or friend adds a very personal touch and gives meaning to your choice of accessories. Picture your groom’s face when you gather your dress to step up to the altar and your shoes match his kilt!

Tartan Platform Peep Toe Wedding Shoes

A Little or a Lot

When tartan is mentioned we tend to recoil in horror at the thought of a full length tartan wedding dress. While this might be your thing, if it isn’t you can also add very subtle touches of the famous Scottish check.

Tartan Handfasting Ribbon

Bind your hands at the ceremony with tartan handfasting ribbon, have a wedding garter made in the family tartan, or pin a little brooch to your bridal bag.

Something Old, Something New…

Tartan doesn’t age. It has been around for centuries and we are still wearing it, so it’s the perfect option for your something old or something new. If you simply want something blue then the Pride of Scotland Modern Tartan is the most popular blue in the range.

Pride of Scotland Modern Tartan Blue Bow

The Practicalities of Tartan Wedding Accessories

Accessories are key for solving those little practical issues. Where will I keep my lipstick? Will I freeze in the gorgeous vintage open top car? Can I really justify the cost of these beautiful heels? As well as choosing the most fabulous tartan wedding accessories a girl can dream of you can solve these problems at the same time.

Tartan Bridal Bolero Jacket

Buy the groom a new sporran and keep your lipstick in there. Invest in a tartan bolero or pop a super-soft tartan blanket in the car to keep your shoulders warm. And, if your tartan shoes are hideously expensive, at least you can wear them again after your wedding as they look equally fabulous with jeans!

Guest post by Anna of Scotland Shop

Images from Scotland Shop

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