We all know weddings are such a big undertaking, and an expensive one at that. But with some post-wedding creativity you can at least get your money’s worth from your wedding shoes.

They don’t have to gather dust in the back of your wardrobe, closer to Narnia than they’ll ever be to your feet again. Open your wardrobe, trek through the snow and grab them. Get those heels at the ready and let’s go through some options…

Get Your Wedding Shoes Dyed

If you went for the traditional look and got yourself a pair of satin ivory shoes you could have them dyed. You can wear them again and again, get your money’s worth and not have to wave goodbye to the gorgeous pair.

Display Your Shoes

Are your wedding shoes so pretty you don’t want to wear them again? Did you go for an adventurous pair of heels that can’t get dyed? If so, why not display them! This is where Pinterest is your best friend.

Wedding shoes with drawing on soles

Buy yourself a framed cabinet and place your wedding shoes in there. You could also add your vows, invite and other beautiful items from your special day. Display it in your house so every time you walk past you can daydream with your little wedding time capsule.

Create a Wedding Day Reminder

If you are feeling particularly creative then grab those heels, get some paint and get to work! Why not write out your vows on the soles and display them, or something a little simpler, like your wedding date?

Give Your Wedding Shoes to Charity

You may know deep down you’ll never wear your wedding shoes again. So, rather than them gathering dust you could give them to a charity shop. You’ll help the dreams of someone else who wants a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes come true!

Sell Them!

If you want to see a little return from your investment then sell your wedding shoes on eBay and let them go to a good home. You’ll see a little cash and someone else will get a good deal.

Guest post by Scott Mason of Paradox London Pink

Image from Paradox London Pink

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