Let’s be honest, buying your wedding dress is likely to take up a large chunk of your wedding budget. With this in mind, the last thing you want is to then have to spend lots on accessories to go with it. But don’t worry – these tips will help you save money on your bridal accessories, keep that wedding budget under control and still look fabulous…

Less is More

One key piece of jewellery can be very elegant and have much more impact than wearing the tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelet and hairpins from the same range. For example, a statement necklace needs no other adornment and will probably cost less than three cheaper pieces put together.

Bride Wearing Emerald Statement Necklace

Something Borrowed

If you have always coveted your sister’s diamond earrings, drop some heavy hints! Most friends or family would be very flattered to lend you something special to wear on your wedding day. It’s also worth asking a good friend who is already married if they have a tiara they could lend you. It’s probably sitting in a box somewhere and she’d be delighted to give it a second airing.

Be a Pin-Up

Hair pins and grips can be much more cost-effective than a tiara or headband, and you can group them together to create a beautiful, contemporary look.

Get Hands-On

If you have time on your side and a creative streak, have a go at making your own bridal jewellery. Search the internet for a workshop near you or grab a book and teach yourself. Rope your bridesmaids in, open a bottle of wine and have some fun.

Bride Wearing Oversized Floral Hairpiece

No More Toasters

If people ask what you want for a wedding present, say jewellery! When cash is tight this is the perfect way for you to get the accessories you have set your heart on. It also means your loved ones will give you a special and sentimental wedding gift that will stand apart from the toasters and cutlery.

Action Replay

Justify the expense by choosing jewellery you can wear again. We all know about cost per wear, you just need to convince your fiancé now.

Bride Putting on Earrings

Check Out Press Sample Sales

You may have heard about Bridal Jewellery Press Sample Sales. A press sample is a piece of jewellery previously worn by a model in a fashion show or photo shoot. It obviously isn’t brand new, but it should still be in excellent condition. It’s a great way to have the jewellery you want for your wedding day without blowing the budget.

Guest post by Clare Yarwood-White

Images from…

Statement Necklace: Hello Love Photography (by Dominique)

Bride Wearing Oversized Floral Hairpiece: White Images

Bride Putting on Earrings: Sotiris Tsakanikas

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