As the trend for getting married later in life is on the increase, so is the likelihood that one of your bridesmaids may well be pregnant on your wedding day. Although this may seem like an issue at first, there is no reason why pregnant bridesmaids can’t still perform their role. If you do find yourself in this situation then I would suggest the following…

Firstly have a chat with your bridesmaid to double check that they still feel comfortable with this responsibility. Secondly, work out exactly when the baby is due. Thirdly, make choosing bridesmaid dresses a priority and start looking for shops that cater specifically for pregnant bridesmaids.

Maternity Dresses for Pregnant Bridesmaids

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Once you have found the shop you would like to work with, make sure they are aware you have a pregnant bridesmaid and double check how the process will work. Some shops offer specific maternity bridesmaid dresses and some will offer to have a larger size dress altered to fit. Because of the difference in cut I would suggest buying a specific maternity bridesmaid dress.

It is quite common for bridesmaids to wear different style dresses in the same colour, so don’t worry if your pregnant bridesmaid ends up wearing a different style dress. Some shops offer a range of maternity dresses that tie in with the standard collection, but it really won’t matter if the dresses are slightly different. You could also consider having different style dresses in different shades of a colour to tie in with your flowers, which will look fabulous and take the focus off your pregnant bridesmaid.

Other Considerations

Finally, consider the fact that your pregnant bridesmaid may need to wear a bra and whether your other bridesmaids are happy to have straps. You may also need to consider the heel height of your bridesmaid shoes or whether your bridesmaids will have a second pair of lower heels to change into later. This might not be a bad idea anyway!

Guest post by Rachel Attwell of Luella’s Bridal

Image from Luella’s Bridal