How do you wear a tiara/wedding headdress? On your head might be the obvious answer! But considering most of us haven’t grown up wearing tiaras, there are a few simple bits of advice I would like to share to help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your wedding headdress. A badly fitting tiara will make you feel and look awkward.

Hair Style and Type

Wearing your hair in some kind of updo gives you the widest scope for securing a headdress as it is much easier to anchor into a structured hairstyle than into loose hair. If you are planning on wearing your hair loose, or it is very short or fine, it may be better to wear a headband which will support itself, and to keep the weight of the headband as light as possible.

Bride Looking at Headpiece in Mirror

Position on Head

Would you like the detail of your tiara/headdress to be at the back of your head, or visible from the front? If you are wearing a veil, a tiara or comb arranged at the front is a good option.

Bride Wearing Tiara with Veil

If there is no veil there is more scope to wear accessories on the back of your head. This will add interest to your back view, the one that your guests will be looking at throughout the wedding ceremony.

Hair Accessory on Back of Bride's Head


Will a hairdresser style your hair on the wedding day? Again, heavier tiaras need skill to position and secure, and I would not recommend brides do this job themselves. Chat to your hairdresser in advance to make sure they can work with the accessories you are planning. They may prefer accessories to be on grips rather than pins to suit your hairstyle, so check in advance.

Hairdresser Adjusting Bride's Headpiece

Asymmetric Headbands

If in doubt an asymmetric headband is a great choice. They’re easy to position, put on and take off, comfortable to wear, suit all hair types and are very fashionable.

Divinity Asymmetric Headband

Guest post by Clare Yarwood-White

Images from…

Bride Looking in Mirror:Cristina Rossi Photography

Bride Wearing Tiara with Veil: Matthew Bishop Photography

Wedding Ceremony: Martin Dabek Photography

Bride with Red Hair: Matt Pereira

Divinity Asymmetric Headband: Yarwood-White