Brides have an incredible amount of choice when it comes to choosing hair accessories which best suit their own personal style. Classic regal wedding tiaras will never go out of fashion, but we have found that with the resurgence of vintage chic, bridal headbands have been increasingly popular. But is a headband or tiara best for you and your bridal style?

What Image Do You Want to Create?

When deciding what works best for you, have an idea of the overall image you want to create. If you have always dreamed of a fairytale wedding and have a full skirted princess-style dress then a tiara would work well.

Melody Tiara

Aurora Tiara

Madeleine Tiara

Gigi Tiara

For contemporary brides and those who would not feel comfortable wearing a tiara then a headband is a nice alternative. Bridal headbands can be as simple as a classic band, to the more statement side headbands which have really come into their own. There are many styles available, including classic diamanté or pearl Alice bands, statement side headbands boasting crystal embellishment, and even bohemian style chain headbands which sit low on the forehead.

Macie Headband

Acacia Headband

Forehead Chain

Jane Headband

Whether you choose a headband or tiara, make sure it feels comfortable on your head. Your headpiece should fit your head shape and shouldn’t feel too tight or heavy. Remember you will be wearing it all day and you want to look happy and relaxed in it. You will also need to be able to dance with it on.

Guest post by Sangeeta Laudus of Olivier Laudus

Images from Olivier Laudus, except Forehead Chain from Tiree Dawson Photography

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