It sounds so simple doesn’t it, but my goodness there are a whole range of pitfalls and easy to make errors when getting dressed on your wedding day. I thought it would be good to share Ellie’s list of do’s and don’ts. They may seem obvious, but trust me, I know enough brides who have forgotten them!

Let Your Dress Settle

It’s a good idea to take your wedding dress out of the bag the night before your wedding to let it settle. Hang it high on a curtain pole and make sure there are no pets eyeing it up! If it looks creased, run a bath and hang the dress in a steamy hot bathroom as this will soften any creases.

Wedding dress hanging from beam

Avoid Creams

Make sure you do all your moisturising the night before the wedding and don’t wear any creams or potions on the day. Your gown may absorb the grease, leaving stains. If you are having a fake tan then make sure it has a few days to settle, and understand that it will come off on your dress if you choose to fake it.

Don’t Spray Perfume on Your Dress

Don’t spray perfume directly onto your wedding dress. As tempting as it is to waft down the aisle in a cloud of Jo Malone, don’t. It will stain the fabric in the long term and may leave yellow marks. Apply perfume to pulse points only.

Bride spraying perfume on wrist

Strap Marks

Don’t wear a bra on the morning of the wedding as it will leave strap marks on your shoulders and across your back. This is vital if you are wearing a strapless wedding dress. Also avoid socks for the same reason.

Allow Plenty of Time to Get Dressed

Give yourself at least 45 minutes to put your wedding dress on. It never takes this long but make it special and take your time. Also, make sure your knickers have no bows or horseshoes as these will show through close fitting dresses (I made this mistake).

Bride looking in mirror after getting dressed for wedding

No Shoes

When it is time to get dressed, make sure you step into the gown with NO shoes on. It may seem like a good idea to put them on to save time, but you may rip the linings with the heel. And let’s face it, this is why you have bridesmaids!

Helping Hands

Lift your dress into place and make sure whoever is fastening the dress has washed their hands so they are grease free. Also make sure they aren’t wearing coloured nail varnish as it may come off on your buttons.

Bridesmaid doing up buttons on back of bride's wedding dress

Take a Look At Yourself

Once your wedding dress is in place, stand back and look at it. See how it feels and check the length. If it’s too short you are wearing it too high, if it’s too long you haven’t pulled it up high enough. Taking this time to look at yourself is vital because once you have left for the wedding there is no going back to adjust.

Cleaning Your Dress

Finally, once you have worn your wedding dress get it cleaned as soon as possible. Grass or wine will come out, but not once it’s been in place for months.

Remember, wedding dresses are not bomb proof. Treat yours with care and always have a needle thread handy, just in case!

Guest post by Ellie Sanderson

Images from…

Hanging Dress: Helen Howard Photography

Spraying Perfume: Voyteck Photography

Looking in Mirror: Tom Biddle Design and Photography

Buttoning Dress: Fiona Kelly Photography

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