Garters, which brides wear under their wedding dress, derive from the European tradition of tossing a garter to wedding guests. It had been a common tradition for guests to get a piece of the wedding dress for good luck. But, as you can imagine, that could get quite chaotic, and not all brides wanted bits torn off their beautiful gown! So, brides started to wear a wedding garter underneath their dress which they would then throw at the reception.

Bride pulling up dress to show garter

Nowadays, the tossing of the wedding garter is still very common in Continental Europe (in some countries the groom actually takes it off his bride with his teeth). In the US it is actually customary to wear two garters. A slim simple one to take off and toss, and a more elaborate one to keep on.

Two garters from Olivier Laudus

Why Wear a Garter?

The question is do you have to wear a garter on your wedding day? Even if they are not partaking in the tradition of tossing their garter, wearing a wedding garter makes many women feel like a bride – I know I certainly did. Also, for some brides it is their way or wearing their something blue.

Geraldine blue wedding garter from Olivier Laudus

It is also a lovely keepsake of your special day, particularly if you buy a designer wedding garter which comes with gorgeous packaging.

La Gartier garter and box

Finally, some brides decide to keep their wedding garter for their new husband’s eyes only. In which case, why not pick something bang on trend like this gorgeous animal print design from the fabulous Boux Avenue?

Animal print garter from Boux Avenue

Guest post by Sangeeta Laudus of Olivier Laudus

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Couple: Babb Photo

Two Garters and Geraldine Garter: Olivier Laudus

Garter with Box: La Gartier

Animal Print Garter: Boux Avenue

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