Choosing your bridesmaids is hard enough, but then you have to find a bridesmaid dress style that will suit everyone, and your wedding. This guide will help you find the perfect dresses to complement your wedding style, and all your lovely ladies.

Winter Wedding

A winter wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to snuggle your bridesmaids in fur capes and, if desired, dress them in darker shades. A lighter wedding dress will contrast beautifully with this look.

Winter weddings also allow for long sleeved dresses. If some of your bridesmaids are conscious of their arms this is a great way to ensure they feel comfortable and look amazing.

Long sleeve winter bridesmaid dress

Summer Wedding

On the flip side,¬†bridesmaid dresses for summer weddings should be floaty rather than heavy, as well as lighter in colour. Pastel colours are always a stunning addition to a wedding, and shorter dresses will ensure your bridesmaids don’t get too hot on the day.

Pastel summer bridesmaid dresses

Woodland Wedding

If you’ve watched the Twilight wedding scene for some woodland wedding inspiration, you’ll probably have a good idea of the kind of bridesmaid dresses you’d like. Bella’s bridesmaids wear short, purple gowns in different shades, depending on the character.

When it comes to your woodland wedding, any colour that reflects the beauty of nature will complement your backdrop. I recommend going for golds, nudes, dusky purples, greens and browns.

Blue and cream bridesmaid dresses

Beach Wedding

Much like a summer wedding, a bridesmaid dress for a beach wedding should be floaty and easy to wear. However, beach weddings allow you to be bright and bold with colour. Consider something that you might not usually go for, such as a sunny yellow, fiery orange or a vibrant aquamarine. Your bridesmaids will then stand out against the bright backdrop of a sandy beach.

Blue bridesmaid dresses

Themed Wedding

With a themed wedding your choice of bridesmaid dresses will be narrower than others. However, whatever theme you decide to go for, whether it’s superheroes, fairy tales or maybe even Game of Thrones, you can design bridesmaid dresses that complement every aspect of your chosen theme and you know they will be original.

Bridesmaid wearing floral dress in front of castle

Country Wedding

If you’re going for a quaint, country wedding that could have popped straight out of Pride and Prejudice, you’ll want bridesmaid dresses that are more traditional/classic than others.

If your wedding is in the middle of the summer months you could add parasols to your bridesmaids’ outfits. This will complete the ‘classic country look’ and provide them with some shade. Or, go for a more modern country wedding and dress your bridesmaids in short, floating gowns and Wellington boots.

There are various options when it comes to accessorising too, so have some fun and let your imagination run wild.

Traditional style blue bridesmaid dresses

High Fashion Wedding

Whilst some high fashion weddings mean wearing dresses carefully tailored by Chanel and jewellery cut by Piaget, others go down a more original and unique route, choosing to dress their bridesmaids in pant suits, jumpsuits or high fashion gowns.

A high fashion wedding can mean pretty much anything, so long as it follows an influential fashionista. Dress your bridesmaids in an outfit that you love, and never underestimate the power of stunning accessories.

Fashion model

Festival Wedding

Are you and your husband-to-be passionate about music and regularly visit festivals? Bridesmaid attire for a festival wedding should reflect the carefree attitude of this occasion. Think short, floating dresses and rings of flowers entwined into their hair. It’s also the perfect opportunity for two-piece bridesmaid dresses to showcase a more original style.

Festival style short bridesmaid dresses

When considering the colour of your bridesmaid dresses, anything goes. Get creative and choose something that complements the colour palette of your wedding.

Guest post by Jo Cowan and Claire Chapman of Belle Bridal

Images from…

Country Wedding: Albert Palmer Photography

Festival Wedding: Kari Bellamy Photography

All other images provided by Exposure Ninja

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