Out of all the trends we’ve noticed emerging lately there is one that has particularly attracted our attention. The two-piece wedding dress is becoming increasingly popular, and most designers are incorporating them into their collections. Two-piece outfits used to be thought of as a little bit old fashioned, but the latest designs are modern, exciting and very chic. Let’s explore why bridal separates are making such a big statement and why it’s a trend worth following.

Lenny Two-Piece Wedding Dress by Flora Bridal

Better Fit

The first reason why a two-piece wedding dress is a great option is it is a great way to find an outfit that will flatter your body shape. It can sometimes be very difficult to find a wedding dress that will fit you perfectly, and bridal separates are a good choice for women who are different sizes on the top and bottom. You can also play around with the sizes, depending on whether you want a looser or tighter fit, creating two very different style options.

Andrea Skirt and Mia Top by Otaduy

Mix and Match

Another plus is you can mix and match skirts and tops, tailoring the look to your own personal taste. For an elaborate look you can have decorative elements on both parts of the outfit, or for a simpler look you can focus the detail on the top half only. You could also consider having different shades for the top and bottom… the possibilities are endless!

Ginger Two-Piece Wedding Dress by Limor Rosen

Beach Wedding Look

Crop tops are also going to be very fashionable in the later part of this year, and they look simply stunning when paired with a very long flowing skirt. This look is perfect for a beach wedding/when getting married abroad.

Danni Crop Top and Skirt by Rue de Seine

Night Dress

A two-piece wedding dress is also a great idea if you are considering wearing two dresses during your wedding. You can easily change part of your outfit and wear something a little bit more glamorous or sexier at night. If you like to dance you could choose a shorter skirt option, making it easier for you to move.

Alex Two-Piece Wedding Dress by Flora Bridal

Wear Your Dress Again

If you would love to wear your dress again long after the big day, bridal separates are a great option. Depending on the fabric, you could dye the skirt another colour or mix it up with a different top. You could also wear your top with a different skirt or a pair of smart trousers. It’s the perfect solution for a black tie event or your own wedding anniversary celebrations.

Scarlett Bustier and Skirt by Rue de Seine

Pregnant Brides

Two-piece wedding dresses are a great solution for pregnant brides too. The trouble with wedding dresses if you are pregnant is that you often have to choose a larger overall size to accommodate your bump and then have it tailored quite extensively to make sure it fits. With bridal separates you can pair a smaller top with a larger size skirt to allow for your increasing waist size, whilst maintaining the original look of the outfit.

Diana Two-Piece Wedding Dress by Limor Rosen

Two-Piece Wedding Dress Styles

There are plenty of beautiful style options available, from simple boho styles to more elaborate lace or beaded outfits. Pictured in this article are some stunning bridal separates options we have found for you to consider.

Guest post by Rachel Attwell of Luella’s Bridal

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Sara by Limor Rosen

Lenny by Flora Bridal

Andrea Skirt and Mia Top by Otaduy

Ginger by Limor Rosen

Danni by Rue de Seine

Alex by Flora Bridal

Scarlett by Rue de Seine

Diana by Limor Rosen

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