Whether used as an addition to your outfit during the ceremony or as a way of keeping warm while having your photographs taken outdoors, bridal cover ups are the perfect addition to your wedding day outfit. Besides being functional, they are stunning to look at and available in so many different styles.

Bride Wearing Wool Bridal Wrap

Style and Fabric Choice

Your choice of cover up will depend on many things, including your dress style, the time of year and the overall look you are trying to create. You can choose from beautiful capes, wraps, shrugs, stoles or boleros. There are also a huge range of fabrics to choose from including silk, faux fur, chiffon, satin, taffeta, wool, lace, feather and organza. I would recommend a lighter chiffon type fabric for a summer wedding and something more substantial for a winter wedding such as faux fur. However, you can also make a lighter fabric work during the winter by altering the sleeve length.

Customising Bridal Cover Ups

You may also want to consider customising your bridal cover up to tie in with your dress. You can add various trims including ribbons, pearls, diamanté and sequins. Depending on the style you choose there may also be several options for styling your cover up, especially if you choose a more flexible style such as a wrap. Even adding a brooch to a more set bolero style can allow you to create your own unique look.

Bride and Bridesmaids Wearing Fur Bridal Cover Ups

Bridesmaid Cover Ups

If you do decide to have a cover up you may also need to consider choosing bridal cover ups for your bridesmaids, especially if you are having a winter wedding. There may be the opportunity to have them made from the same fabric as the bridesmaids dresses. You could also consider giving them a gorgeous vintage brooch to secure their cover up, which can double up as their bridesmaid gift too.

Guest post by Rachel Attwell of Luella’s Bridal

Images from…

Bride Wearing Wrap: Michelle Cordner Photography

Bride and Bridesmaids: Rachel Joyce Photography

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