WOW! Today we are swooning over The Abigail Bloom Cake Company‘s 2015 wedding cake collection. Abigail is so incredibly talented and this new collection really showcases her creativity. These wedding cakes are all so beautiful, and the detail is impeccable. We adore all these new designs, from the elegant ‘Bronte’ to the contemporary yet traditional ‘Sophelia’.

Which is your favourite?


Bronte - Abigail Bloom 2015 Wedding Cake Collection

This was a design I have wanted to do for some time. I love the way it can be reflective of lace, of flapper girl dresses/skirts, of vintage, but mixing it with pure white fresh flowers will make it modern and sleek.


Lolita - Abigail Bloom 2015 Wedding Cake Collection

I love Bas Relief technique (this is the bottom tier) as it really makes such wonderful detail, and the gloss finish on this cake matches the shine on the gold leaf. For me this is old world glamour – for the couple with an intimate wedding of a different kind!


Sophelia - Abigail Bloom 2015 Wedding Cake Collection

Blue and ivory is a colour combination we really have very little of so this had to be included in our new designs. We still feel that lace will continue to be very popular amongst brides in the next year or two, but we wanted to keep it reasonably contemporary. So the colour together with the appliqué sugar lace and piped pearls gave it a traditional feel, and we balanced it with the sequins and silver leaf for a more contemporary but still elegant (we hope!) feel.


Natalya - Abigail Bloom 2015 Wedding Cake Collection

There have been fairly big changes in the last year in food (cake decorating) law – one of the biggest ones was edible glitter. As we were determined to use glitter going forward we had to find a way of making our own that was sparkly and edible – and we did. We wanted to create a more industrial feel with the glitter and came up with this design; edible gold leaf, gold edible glitter, gold sugar cabbage rose and leaves on a bridal white fondant background.


Rosetta - Abigail Bloom 2015 Wedding Cake Collection

This was inspired by a design by the legendary Ron Ben Israel.


Rosa - Abigail Bloom 2015 Wedding Cake Collection

Again, loving the Bas Relief technique – I wanted to have a design that was super-simple, unfussy, but with still enough detail to create interest for the eye. This would also work well in one or six tiers!


Tallulah - Abigail Bloom 2015 Wedding Cake Collection

I can’t keep myself away from either silver or gold leaf and I think both really help ‘fill’ bigger and more grand venues.  I also have been meaning to use brush embroidery in one of our new collections since we started, and at last the opportunity came up where I felt it could be used but not alter our feel and brand.