Hands holding confetti

Shropshire Petals’ Confetti Calculator is an innovative tool couples can use to work out exactly how much confetti they will need on their wedding day. Couples simply enter their requirements, from what they will be using confetti for, how many guests will be attending, and how many they expect to throw confetti, to the size of their wedding tables, density of their petal path and how many flower girls they will have, and the calculator does the rest.

Orange confetti on wedding table

There are four different categories – Throwing Confetti, Table Decorations, Petal Paths and Flower Girls. Once couples have entered all of their requirements into the calculator they can see how much confetti to order, whether it’s small petals such as delphinium and wildflowers, large petals such as rose and hydrangea, or a mix of both. Couples can then use the Pick and Mix tool to select the confetti they want for their wedding day.

Try the Confetti Calculator for yourself at www.shropshirepetals.com/FAQs/petal-calculator

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